1st and 3rd Stage Rail System Lines Merge in Antalya!

1st and 3rd Stage Rail System Lines Unite in Antalya!
1st and 3rd Stage Rail System Lines Unite in Antalya!

Within the scope of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality 3rd Stage Rail System Project, the tunnel connection work that will connect the 1st and 3rd Stage Rail System Lines under the Bus Station Junction has started.

The 3rd Stage Rail System works of the Metropolitan Municipality, which will connect Varsak to the city center with the Bus Station, Antalya Training and Research Hospital, and will bring comfort to urban transportation, continue at full speed from the Bus Station Junction to Konyaaltı Street.

Line excavation at the bus station junction

Tunnel connection works that will connect Antalya 1st and 3rd Stage Rail System Lines at Otogar Junction have started. Tunnel excavation operations are carried out on the west axis of the Antalya Boulevard, which is closed to traffic, between the Otogar Junction (Terminal bus entrance) and the Anatolian Junction and the western axis of the Anatolian Junction. While the rough construction of the first platform floor was completed at the West Station Station, which is the only underground stop of the system and is located at a depth of 30 meters, the rough construction of the second floor has started.

Overpasses completed

While the finishing works of the stations to be located along the route of the 3rd Stage Rail System continue, the assembly of all catenary poles from the Bus Station Junction to the Falez Junction has been completed. Catenary wires are also installed step by step. While the pedestrian overpass works on the light rail system route have been completed, the installation of the escalator system and the landscaping work has also ended.

Meltem and hospital crossroads are advancing rapidly

At the stage from Meltem Street, where rail laying and catenary pole assembly have been completed, to the Training and Research Hospital Junction, parquet production on the line superstructure begins. Fine workmanship is being done at the station stop on Meltem Caddesi. While the assembly of the catenary poles is completed at the stage from the Hospital Junction to the Falez Junction, the rail manufacturing work continues rapidly. The rough construction of the station that will serve at the hospital stop has also been completed.

Infrastructure is completed in Konyaaltı

Within the scope of the project, infrastructure works continue in the section up to the Falez Intersection and Konyaaltı Street in front of Antalya Museum. The infrastructure works between the museum and the Meteorology Junction are planned to be completed this week. The teams will soon start their rail manufacturing work.


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