A highway like highway to Boztepe, the heart of tourism

the heart of tourism, the highway like Boztepe
the heart of tourism, the highway like Boztepe

Transportation to Boztepe, which is at the heart of Ordu tourism, as a viewing terrace of local and foreign tourists, has reached a high standard and healthy structure. Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that the line works were completed for safe transportation on the road, where 7.2 kilometers of hot asphalt and on 3 lanes.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to transform the roads that provide transportation to the tourism centers of the city, as well as neighborhood roads, into a comfortable structure. In this context, the final was reached on the road, which started to provide a high standard transportation to Boztepe at 530 altitude and was extended to 3 lanes with the expansion works. Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that the tourism appeal of Boztepe is increasing day by day with the completed works.


Providing information about the works carried out on Boztepe Road, President Güler said, “Within the scope of Boztepe road works, which has a total length of 7,2 km and a width of 11 meters, at the first stage, 40 thousand m3 excavation, 15 thousand meters3 filling, 22 thousand 500 meters3 stone wall construction, 50 m culvert and 120 m reinforced concrete wall manufacturing. Until the end of 2018, the work on the remaining 4,60 km of the road, 2,60 km of which has been brought to hot asphalt, has also been completed. "We will do rainwater and road widening work in the 500-meter section that follows and is currently hot asphalt."


Stating that Boztepe is one of the most important tourism centers of the Black Sea Region, Mayor Güler said: “Boztepe is a place that attracts local and foreign tourists every day. We can say that we have made a final in the works we have started to meet the increasing need. The construction of 11 villa-type hotels with 5 flats in harmony with the nature built within the scope of the Four Seasons Touch the Cloud Project and 1 restaurant also brought a different attraction to the region. In the same context, we have added beauty to the beauty of the region with the work of walking paths and landscaping. In addition, we put the track that we promised for paragliding enthusiasts into service. ”


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