European Commission Approves Alstom's Bombardier Acquisition

alstom bombardier
alstom bombardier

The European Commission has approved Alstom's acquisition of Bombardier Transportation, provided that certain conditions are met. Following the EU merger regulation, the European Commission approved the acquisition of Bombardier Transportation by Alstom. Explaining after conditional approval if these conditions are met, Vice President of Competition Policy Margrethe Vestager said: “Alstom and Bombardier are the leading suppliers of the most advanced trains used by millions of passengers every day across the European Union. The Commission has quickly reviewed and approved this process, thanks to the comprehensive solutions offered to solve competitive problems in the areas of very high-speed, trunk trains and trunk signaling. Forward, a stronger combined Alstom and Bombardier presence will emerge. At the same time, thanks to these solutions, the new company will also continue to challenge the core markets for the benefit of European customers and consumers. ”

Alstom and Bombardier Transportation were currently competing in the following rail sectors:

  • Very high speed, main and urban rail vehicles
  • Outline and urban signaling solutions
  • Railway line and vehicle mounted units

Among the terms are:

He will give up a number of Bombardier and Alstom assets. For example, Bombardier's currently Hitachi will be leaving the very high-speed train platform in common with the Zefiro V300. For details of the terms of purchase here Click here.


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