Orient Express with its original name About Orient Express

about orient express with its original name sark express
about orient express with its original name sark express

Oriental Express is the train that operated between Paris and Istanbul between 1883 and 1977.

The Orient Express, owned by the Vagon-Li Company, started its first voyage from Paris in 1883 with the original name Orient-Express. Officials and diplomats of French, German, Austrian and Ottoman origin also participated in this first expedition of the Eastern Express. Also attending were The Times newspaper reporter and novelist and traveler Edmond About. Edmond About published his memoirs about this trip in 1884 in his book De Ponteise à Stamboul. The Times correspondent also II. He stayed in Istanbul for a while to meet with Abdulhamid.

After the start of the Orient Express voyages, those who came to Istanbul were staying in various hotels in the city. Since 1895, passengers from Istanbul started to stay at Pera Palas, which was bought by the Vagon-Li Company which operated the train. 4 year-long (1914-1918) During the World War I, the Orient Express flights could not be made. The train stayed at the station during the war.

The routes of the Orient Express in various years
The routes of the Orient Express in various years

An interesting historical event

The truce, which ended World War I, was signed between the Entente States and Germany on the 2419 wagon of the Oriental Express near Paris. Later on, this wagon was placed in the museum by the French due to its historical importance.

II. When Germany invaded France during World War II, Hitler asked the Germans to sign the handover agreement on the historic wagon, which was signed during the First World War. The 2419 wagon of the Orient Express was removed from the museum. In this historic car, the French delivery contract was signed. This wagon was then taken to Germany. In the 1945, shortly before Germany's surrender, this wagon was destroyed by an SS union. Thus, for the second time, Germany survived the possibility of signing an agreement on this historic wagon.

After World War I

1919'de began to re-Orient Express 1905 opened in the name of the simplon tunnel 'Simplon Orient Express' began to be called. From the new voyage of the Orient Express, the stations of Germany and Austria, which defeated World War I, were removed. So, Orient Express, Paris Lausanne Milan and Venice began to reach 58 hour per hour. The major economic crisis at the 1929 led to a reduction of the passengers of the train. Şark Ekpresi was the subject of various novels and films. The famous British detective novelist Agatha Christie published her novel In The Express Express In XnumX.

The Orient Express was not just a passenger train. The train transported several trade items to Istanbul and Paris. After the 1925 Hat Revolution, thousands of hats and capes were brought to Istanbul with Şark Ekspres.

II. During the World War (1939-1945), the Eastern Express's flights were interrupted again. II. Socialist regimes were established in some of the countries on the route of the train after World War II. Faced with various restrictions due to the cold war and gradually losing its importance, the Orient Express made its last expedition on May 27, 1977. The train wagons were sold in Montecarlo. The 2 wagons of the train, which is the subject of Agatha Christie's novel 'Murder on the Orient Express', were bought by an Englishman. Some of the wagons were purchased by the Moroccan Royal Palace Museum. Around 100 celebrities from different countries participated in the 100th anniversary campaign of the Orient Express, which was organized by an organization called Society Expeditions and has a symbolic meaning.

Today, it continues its flights once a year in September.

Orient Express in popular culture

It serves as the meeting place for secrets, intrigue and secret love adventures.

Graham Greene's book titled esi Istanbul Train 'is in the other service of Şark Expresi. Agatha Christie's novel The Murder in the Orient is on the Simplon Shout Expres.

The movie Şark Express was first shown in 1934. The German film Orient Expres was made in 1944 and presented on 8 March 1945. Probably the last day a new movie was screened in Nazi Germany. It also has a 2000 movie. Death, deception and destiny Traveling in the Orient Express and in the 2004 version Around the World Around the World in 80 Days, Mr.Fogg boarded the Istanbul train. James Bond's troubled escape takes place on the train with Love from Russia. Sir Henry Paget Flash is featured in Geoerge Mac Donald Fraser's The Flashman and the Tiger as a visiting journalist, Henri Blowitz, on the first journey of the train.

Private trains

In 1982 the Venice-Simplon Orient Express (Private rail company-Luxury train service companies take this name) was established. He was carrying the passengers he took from London and New York to Venice. This service is provided once a year on Orient Express days today. And it definitely targets travelers with plenty of time. The cost of a ticket from London to Venice is over £ 1,200.

American Express operates in the west of the United States. It advertises as a luxury cruise ship and 5 hotel combination. He recently changed his name to Grand Luxe Rail Journey (very luxurious rail travel).


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