Russia's First Female Locomotive Machinist to Be 21-Year-Old Sofia Dorofeyeva

Sofia's first female engine driver in Russia will be Sofia dorofeyeva
Photo: Sputniknews

The Russian Railways (RZhD) company announced for the first time in the country that a young woman will become a locomotive driver.

In Russia, it is planned that women will only be allowed to work as train drivers in 2021.

SputniknewsAccording to the news in; “RZhD Deputy General Manager Oleg Valinskiy, in his statement to the company's 'Gudok' newspaper, emphasized that in order to become a machinist candidate, at least 3 years of assistant machinist must be done,“ For the first time in our country, a young locomotive mechanic has completed the Moscow Railways and City Transport College with first place. the woman will perform. "The first machinist will be 21-year-old Sofia Dorofeyeva."

Stating that Dorofeyeva received 2 years of training, the training consisted of theoretical and practical lessons, Valinskiy said that the young woman will start working as an electric multi-unit (EMU) assistant mechanic on January 1, 2021, and then work as a mechanic after gaining the necessary experience.

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