Wheat Internal Consumption Is Completely Covered From Domestic Production

my wheat production is completely covered by domestic production
my wheat production is completely covered by domestic production

96% of the Certified Seed are produced and used domestically with domestic facilities.

At the press conference held by the Good Party Group Vice President Lütfü Türkkan at the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 07.06.2020, he made the claims of "Wheat Imports" and "Seed Law is the Sevres Agreement of Turkish Agriculture" and it became necessary to make the following statement.

Mr. Türkkan's claims are not true. Official data on the wheat and seed sector reveal that these groundless claims are intended to be deliberate and attrusive.

Our world leadership in many agricultural products continues with the projects and works carried out by our Ministry and incentives for production. Turkey, the first in the world in exports of wheat flour, pasta ranks second in exports.

Our country's domestic consumption of wheat is fully met from domestic production. Our wheat production, which was 2019 million tons in 19, is expected to be 2020 million tons in 7,9, with an increase of 20,5%. (TSI)

Export based on export is made in wheat within the scope of Inward Processing Regime (DIR). Imported wheat; flour, pasta, semolina, etc. As a processed product, it is re-exported and foreign currency input is provided to our country. In 2019; Exports of manufactured goods corresponding to 7,5 million tons of wheat were made.

Turkey seed sector also needs the power to produce all the seed of its own, has the capability and capacity. With the Seedling Law No. 2006 enacted in 5553, certified seed production exceeded 2020 million tons by 1 with the organization of the Private Sector in our Country Seed Industry and its rapid participation in the production process. Thanks to the developments in agriculture in recent years; There has been an increase in production, efficiency, quality and exports. Our country is definitely not an externally dependent country in terms of seeds.

Our country, which is one of the largest producers and exporters in the world, can sell seeds to every country in accordance with the rules of the World Trade Organization, of which we are a member, and imports seeds in order to transform the export markets into final export products in line with the demand variety and free market requirements.

As a result of the policies implemented in recent years, huge increases have been achieved in the production and export of certified seedlings and seedlings.

In the period of 2002-2019; certified seed production has increased from 145 thousand tons to 8 million 1 thousand tons with an increase of 134 times, our seed export has increased from 17 million to 9 million dollars with an increase of 149 times, and the export coverage ratio has increased from 31% to 86%. 96% of the certified seed used in the country is produced domestically with domestic facilities.

All of the companies engaged in seed production in our country are authorized and registered by our Ministry. Currently, the number of these is 939. According to the capital situation; 879 of these companies are domestic, 40 are foreign and 20 are domestic-foreign partnerships. These companies not only produce, but also develop local varieties with their own resources.

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