BTSO President Burkay: New Normally In The Biggest Potential IT Sector

btso president burkay new normally in the biggest potential computing sector
btso president burkay new normally in the biggest potential computing sector

İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), met with members of the IT Sector Businessmen and Professionals Association (BISIAD) at an online consultation meeting. President Burkay said, “The new potential is normally the biggest in the IT industry. We aim to further increase the strength of the sector in Bursa with the works we will do in partnership with BISIAD. ” said.

Chairman of BTSO Burkay met with BİSİAD Chairman Dağhan Uzgur and BİSİAD Board Members at the meeting organized by video conference method. Stating that the information and software industry has become the most strategic elements of global trade in the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) process, President Burkay emphasized that cities and countries that increase their power in these areas will achieve a rapid growth momentum.


Mayor Burkay stated that they want to benefit more from the potential in the IT sector in order to accelerate the development of the manufacturing industry and increase the share of high-tech products with high added value in production and exports. İbrahim Burkay said, “There is a serious knowledge and knowledge in the IT sector in Bursa. We aim to bring this much higher added value products into the economy by bringing this together with the industry. There are studies done by BISIAD for this. As BTSO, we also support these projects. We have serious work at ULUTEK at our universities. Together with our Ministry of Trade, we implemented our HİSER Project in the sector. ” said.


Mentioning the importance of companies having native software power, President Burkay drew attention to the need to raise awareness in this area. President Burkay, who likens all sectors where no software is available to a mindless body, said, “As a country, we need to create a sector structure that moves with its own mind, not with the mind we get from abroad. In this regard, we should produce alternative domestic and national solutions to international software without wasting more time. Otherwise, we will have to use the platforms imposed on us. ” he spoke.


Stating that all national and international events were canceled during the epidemic period, President Burkay continued as follows: “Fairs, bilateral business meetings, trade delegations were physically suspended. All of these will be organized in digital. The notion that people do not trade without seeing or touching has now completely changed. This seems very clear in the recent growth rate of e-commerce. Many companies achieved their target growth in almost 10 months after 3 years. We need to develop these platforms. We need digital fair, virtual showroom. As a country, we need to produce these solutions. ”


Stating that BTSO has more than 600 thousand members in the IT sector, Mayor Burkay stated that they have to produce services for all members and said, “NGOs are needed to determine the vision and produce projects. As a room, we actually act as coordination. So far, we have been very successful in all projects we have done with sectoral NGOs. This is how we see cooperation with BISIAD. We are ready to support the works to be done with all our means. ” said.


BISIAD Chairman of the Board Dağhan Uzgur said that the association founded in 1997 is the first SID in information technology. Indicating that 100 of the 85 active members of the association are informatics companies, Uzgur said that they are carrying out important works for the development of the sector. Explaining that there are many valuable companies in the IT sector in Bursa and that Bursa has started to create a strong perception in the sector, Uzgur said, “Active activities are carried out especially in Ulutek. At this point, we think that industrialists from Bursa should also prefer the software produced by Bursalı companies and allocate more space to IT companies in their projects. We expect positive discrimination from our industrialists regarding domestic software. This situation gives our companies both morale and encouragement. Bursa is really a very advantageous city in informatics. If we can get the industrialist support, we can reach much better points. ” said.


Idris Doğrul, Member of the Board of BTSO and Member of the Board of BISIAD, emphasized that they aim to transform the IT sector into a visionary structure under the roof of BTSO. Stating that Istanbul and Ankara stand out as the main contractor in informatics, Doğrul stated that Bursa should also draw a vision and said, “As BISIAD, we made our SWOT analysis. We have strong data. Together with BTSO, we can create a strong ecosystem for Bursa to become an IT city. ” he spoke.


BTSO 48th Chairman of the Committee (Information and Information Technologies) and BISIAD Board Member Mustafa Serkan Aksoy stated that they are working to pass the certification process of the companies in the IT sector and stated that they want to cooperate with MESYEB and BUTEKOM in the project. Aksoy also stated that they expect support for the Software Valley project and creating a structure for youth in Ulutek.

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