Electric Vehicle Description from IMM: 'Islands are not roads but pedestrian roads'

The description of the electric vehicle from the island islands is not a highway but a pedestrian
The description of the electric vehicle from the island islands is not a highway but a pedestrian

It is not a legislative decision to evaluate the electric vehicles promoted by İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu to be put into service in the Islands as vehicles serving on the highways by the district governorship. With the decision of UKOME in February, all roads of the Islands were declared PEDESTRIAN. With the decision taken in February, the IMM Assembly unanimously approved that IETT carry out the electric vehicle transportation in the district.

Electric vehicles purchased by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to provide public transportation services in Adalar could not start service as it was considered by the Adalar District Governorate as a vehicle serving on highways.

Adalar, which is one of the most important historical and natural values ​​of Istanbul to be preserved, has narrow roads in accordance with the historical texture. Due to the geographical structure of the district, the roads have high slopes. Due to these facts, it is of utmost importance that the transportation vehicles that will serve in the Islands are in harmony with the natural, historical, touristic values ​​and in size that is suitable for this unique structure.

For this purpose, IMM has negotiated with many manufacturers to eliminate the transportation problem in the district since the end of carriage transportation. Electric vehicles, which are suitable for the natural and historical structure of the Islands, which do not pollute the environment, can adapt to economic, summer and winter conditions, and can be put into service in a short time, were purchased.


Duties and powers in the “Metropolitan Municipalities Coordination Centers (UKOME) Regulation” prepared for the regulation of transportation, traffic and public transportation services within the boundaries of the metropolitan; “In order to ensure that all kinds of transportation services are carried out in coordination on UKOME, land, sea, lake, river, channel and railway within the metropolitan; It has the rights and powers to establish, establish and operate the necessary facilities in accordance with the procedure in the relevant legislation.

In the d of the article 18 of the same regulation titled Duties and Powers of the UKOME Board; “Without prejudice to the legislative provisions related to road transport, to determine the working conditions and conditions of passenger and cargo vehicles and non-motor vehicles to be operated for commercial purposes within the municipal boundaries in terms of traffic order and safety, and to determine their number and routes, and to determine their number, they are authorized to give them permission and work license ”.

İBB UKOME, having these powers, declared all the roads in Adalar district as PEDESTRIAN with the decision taken on 6 February 2020. In the same UKOME decision, it was decided to operate a total of 60 electric vehicles: 30 of the district for public transportation, 45 for recreational travel and 135 for demand-based transportation.


On the other hand, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly approved it unanimously to carry out the transportation of electric vehicles by the IETT General Directorate in Adalar in February 2020. The IMM management also started working in this direction upon decision.

Therefore, electric vehicles purchased by IMM to provide public transportation services in Adalar will not serve on highways. For this reason, these vehicles should not be considered as buses, minibuses and taxis that serve on highways.


As a matter of fact, there are no license plates, registration and compulsory traffic insurances of electrical vehicles used by public institutions and private individuals, especially the District Governorate and Municipality, in Adalar.

In addition, experts; He states that large vehicles such as buses and minibuses designed to provide public transportation services on highways will not comply with the historical, touristic and natural structure of the Islands, they cannot serve on narrow roads and cause environmental pollution.

IMM foresees that this problem will be solved in a short time as specified in the relevant legislation and regulation and the public transportation demands of the people of the Adalar can be met with these electric vehicles in a short time.

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