Istanbul Modern Opens Tomorrow

Istanbul is opening modern tomorrow
Istanbul is opening modern tomorrow

Istanbul Modern reopens the doors of its temporary space in Beyoğlu tomorrow (16 June) in a controlled social life process

Istanbul Modern, which was temporarily closed on March 19 due to the Covid-17 outbreak, completed its preparations for a safe museum experience. The museum opens on Tuesday, June 16.

Precautions taken for safe museum visit

Apart from daily routine cleaning processes, Istanbul Modern is regularly disinfected using special chemicals with the support of professional teams. Each floor has a hand sanitizer. Only large bags are accepted to the cloakroom, and spray-disinfectants are applied to the bags during delivery. These vehicles are disinfected before and after each use for visitors who want to use the loaned stroller and wheelchair service.

It is mandatory to wear a mask to visit the museum. In addition, the body temperature of each visitor is measured with a contactless device at the entrance. Tickets can only be purchased by credit card.

In addition to the ticket that can be bought at the entrance of the museum, an online reservation system is launched. Online reservation application is started to make the museum safer and more comfortable. Visitors can make a reservation by choosing the time range on Istanbul Modern's website. The number of visitors who can be on all exhibition floors at the same time is limited to 70 in accordance with the social distance rule.

A short break to events

Due to the controlled normalization process, all training and activities at the museum continue online, including guided group tours and movie screenings at Istanbul Modern Cinema.

Exhibitions await visitors

With the opening of Istanbul Modern to the visitors, the collection exhibition, "Guests: Artists and Artisans" exhibition and the exhibition "Lütfi Özkök: Portraits", where the works of the XNUMX artists from different geographies of the world, together with the craftsmen in Istanbul, will meet the audience.

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