Giant Support to the Game Industry

Giant Support to the Game Industry
Giant Support to the Game Industry

Turkey's first "unicorn" out of the game industry's eyes are turned to game development industry.

The sector, with the power it receives from the supports offered by various mechanisms, is achieving important games and important economic achievements in the world.

The Ministry of Industry and Technology has been supporting the game development industry for a long time.

With the TUBITAK Technology and Innovation Support Programs Directorate, KOSGEB supports are used in the development of the sector.

The Ministry has provided 10 million lira support for the start-ups in the game industry with affiliated and related organizations in the last 426,7 years.

In this context, as a R&D support, 92 million lira tax and SGK support was provided to 292 start-ups, while 77 start-ups and 76 million lira were contributed to TÜBİTAK channel and 8 million lira to 3,5 universities.

Development agencies supported 5 million liras for 17 projects, and 67 million lira for 1,2 SMEs in KOSGEB. Within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program, 37 million TL has been contributed to a project.

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