Good News for Public Transport Cooperatives in Manisa

Annunciation to Mass Transportation Cooperatives in Manisa
Annunciation to Mass Transportation Cooperatives in Manisa

In the June Meeting of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Council, important decisions were taken in favor of public transportation cooperatives and enterprises that are tenants of the Metropolitan Municipality, whose business has decreased significantly due to the coronavirus outbreak. The proposal not to take the total 5,5 percent deduction made by public transportation vehicles by the end of the year was unanimously accepted.

In the June Ordinary Assembly Meeting held under the presidency of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün, a decision was taken to make the public transportation vehicle cooperatives and drivers smile. In the parliament, the proposal of the Department of Transportation regarding the granting of cash support for April 34 transports in order to ensure the continuity of public transportation services in our city due to the decrease in the number of passengers in the pandemic process of a total of 806 public transportation vehicles operating in 2020 cooperatives operating within the borders of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality was discussed.

5,5 Percent Deduction Will Not Be Taken By Year's End

Providing information to the members of the assembly regarding the matter, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün said, “Our citizens experienced both financial and moral difficulties in our Manisa due to the coronavirus outbreak affecting the whole world. In public transportation, we find it appropriate not to take the 5 percent cut from the electronic ticketing system cut by MANULAŞ and the 0,5 percent cut due to terminal entries and exits until the end of the year. In addition, all of the fuel expenses of the cooperatives with low travel and incomes in April are; As the Metropolitan Municipality, we will cover some of the fuel expenses of the cooperatives with partially good passengers and revenues. We are making this decision to make our driver tradesmen and cooperatives feel a little comfortable. ” After the announcement, the proposal was unanimously accepted.

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