Transportation to Students Who Take the Exam in Istanbul is Free

Access to students who will take the exam in Istanbul is free
Access to students who will take the exam in Istanbul is free

Due to the YKS and curfew restrictions to be held at the weekend, IMM took the necessary measures to prevent transportation and services from interrupting. Public transportation vehicles will continue on Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28. Public transportation will be free for students and examiners. Investments and works of IMM will not be disrupted.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will continue its services without interrupting the curfew that will be applied due to the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) to be held at the weekend. IETTWill organize additional flights due to YKS.

Under Saturday, it was planned to make 4 thousand 270 vehicles 33 thousand 244 flights under normal conditions. In addition to regular flights, 186 more flights will be made with 428 vehicles on Saturday. On Sunday, 3 thousand 753 flights will be organized with 30 vehicles. In addition to these services, 231 flights will be made with 267 vehicles on Sunday due to the exam.

METRO ISTANBUL, Saturday; It will run over the current schedule between 06:00 and 09:30, 09 minutes between 30: 15-00: 15 during the exam, and between 15:00 and the closing hours after the examination.

In rail systems on Sunday, June 28, between 06: 00-09: 30, the current flight schedule will be applied between 09: 30-18: 30 hours during the exam, and between 15:18 and the closing hours after the exam. .

CITY LINES on Saturday, June 27, with 26 ships and 2 ferries, 11 lines, with a total of 227 personnel, 349 flights. On 28 June, 26 flights will be made with 2 ships and 11 ferries, 218 lines, with a total of 318 personnel.

During the curfew hours to be applied on the exam days, IETT buses, metrobus, rail systems, ferries and all private public transport carriers under the control of İBB will provide free services to students and examiners.


The program of the İBB affiliates at the weekend to ensure that the services offered to Istanbul residents are not interrupted:

ISPARK: Some İSPARK parking lots will be closed due to the restriction. A total of 15 personnel will be employed as Headquarters, Some Open and Storey Car Parks, Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Station, 998 July Democracy Bus Station, İstinye and Tarabya Marina, Bayrampaşa Vegetable-Fruit Market and Kozyatağı Vegetable-Fruit Market.

ISTON: Hacı Osman Korusu landscaping, Atatürk Olympic Stadium landscaping, 15 July Bus Station's landscaping, Hatboyu Street and landscaping, Sokullu Caddesi and Çilekli Caddesi geometric arrangement and traffic circulation, Beşiktaş Avenue middle refuge arrangement, Selçuk Caddesi treating arrangement, Çilingir Sazlıbosna Street treading arrangement, Atatürk Boulevard pavilion arrangement, Olimpiyat Caddesi pavilion arrangement, Büyükçekmece Atatürk Caddesi pavement arrangement works will be carried out.

ISTAÇ: A total of 3 personnel on duty will serve Istanbul. Mechanical washing, mechanical sweeping and hand sweeping in public areas such as Istanbul General Highways, Squares, Marmaray and Metro entrance exits, Overpass - Underpasses, Bus platforms / stops, Bayrampaşa and Ataşehir Haller, various Public Institutions and Organizations, especially hospitals. work will be done. A total of 446 million 2 thousand square meters (approximately 1 football fields) will be washed in 31 days, and 144 million square meters (approximately 12 football fields) will be cleaned by sweeping with mechanical tools. D-1.682 (E27) Highway (Okmeydanı - Kadıköy/ Between Söğütlüçeşme) barrier washing, mechanical sweeping and hand sweeping work will be done. D-100 (E5) Highway general cleaning and barrier washing works; A total of 2 personnel will serve in 116 days, and our vehicles will take office approximately 36 times.

İSTAÇ plans to collect approximately 70 tons of medical waste (with 2-day total shifts) with 50 personnel and to dispose it with 25 personnel in Asian and European sides. The number of tools to work for the collection of medical waste 32. Also; Marine Services 403, Industrial Waste 4, Waste Disposal 198, Businesses and Waste Logistics (Waste Transfer-Recycling and Compost-Machine Maintenance Chief-Energy Management Chief) 760 guards, Excavation Waste 111, Security and Administrative Staff 86 guards and Istanbul residents' will serve.

HAMİDİYE - GÜVEN SU: Water production will continue in accordance with the plan. Shipments to dealers will continue uninterrupted. Works will continue with 167 dealers, 263 vehicles and 760 personnel.

Isyour of: Gürpınar Aquaculture Market, Kadıköy 454 personnel will be served on the beaches in the Tuesday Market and Istanbul City Borders.

İSTGÜV by: During the restriction hours, 824 personnel will be employed at 2 locations.

Disinfection of institution buildings, urban furniture, children's play groups and outdoor sports equipment located on the European and Anatolian side under the Directorate of Parks and Gardens will be carried out. Production will continue at İSTON Hadımköy and Tuzla factories. In this context, a total of 1.419 İSTON and subcontractor personnel will work.

IGDAS: Our İGDAŞ 7/24 Emergency Response teams, 187 Natural Gas Emergency Telephone Line Centers, meter reading and billing teams and logistics teams, in total, in shifts. 1.951 will work with the personnel to deliver natural gas uninterruptedly and safely.

UGETAM: Welding controls of ISKI pipes at different locations and Hottap Operation, which will take a new line over live line in Denizli, will be performed. In addition, the calibration team will continue to routinely calibrate natural gas and water meters.

AĞAÇ AŞ: Works in the field of landscaping and landscaping will continue with 230 vehicles and 1301 personnel in green areas throughout Istanbul.

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