Care for Tires That Don't Move During the Outbreak

Look at the tires that don't move during the epidemic
Look at the tires that don't move during the epidemic

Tire giant Pirelli warns you to check your tires before you start safely if your car has not moved for a long time. You can do some checks too, but some of them have to be done by a tire specialist. Pirelli Authorized Dealers are ready to check your tires and pressures so that you can safely get on the road.

On the other hand, Pirelli experts recommend you to pay particular attention to the following points for your tires:

Tires should be checked visually to prevent the car from moving for a long time or if there are protrusions or deteriorations due to weather conditions. In addition, unusual conditions such as damage, cuts, abrasions or swelling should be checked and valve caps should be tightened.

The pressure of the tires and the spare wheel should ideally be measured at a tire dealer with professional tools. In this way, while ensuring optimum performance and safety, fuel efficiency will be increased with the correct rolling resistance.
If the car has not moved for a long time, attention should be paid to vibrations that can be felt at the steering wheel. If these vibrations are not lost after a few kilometers, your vehicle should be examined by a professional as soon as possible.
If your vehicle still has winter tires, you should switch to summer tires. The structure and pattern of winter tires at temperatures above +7 degrees are not suitable for summer season conditions. This can lead to fuel savings, tire wear and performance problems. Using winter tires in the summer season causes the structure of the winter tires to deteriorate and fail to function in the next winter season. In the summer season when the temperature is high, especially when braking with ABS (100-0 km / h), summer tires are at a shorter distance in excess of 40 percent compared to winter tires.

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