Corona Cases Start to Rise Again in Germany
49 Germany

Corona Cases Start to Rise Again in Germany

The increase in corona virus cases a few days after the social restrictions began to relax in Germany, raised the concerns that the pandemic could once again get out of control. In the daily newsletter of the Robert Koch Disease Control Institute, [more…]

When will Yht flights start?
06 Ankara

When Will YHT Expeditions Begin?

TCDD Tasimacilik has completed team and equipment preparation to restart High Speed ​​Train (YHT) services, which have been suspended due to coronavirus outbreak; Waiting for the sign from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Olcay Aydilek of Habertürk [more…]

Number of İstanbul Shopping Malls
34 Istanbul

Number of İstanbul AVM 2020

Istanbul, Turkey in general sürdüy the distinction of being the city with the most AVM'si. There are a total of 125 in Istanbul. A new shopping mall is planned to be opened in Istanbul in 2020. Here are the Top 10 Shopping Malls in Istanbul [more…]

Mother's day was commemorated on the mother's day
35 Izmir

Mrs. Zübeyde was commemorated on Mother's Day

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who attended the memorial ceremony at Zübeyde Hanım Memorial Tomb on Mother's Day, said, "Today we are in the spiritual presence of our greatest mother." Emphasizing that it is not enough to remember mothers only one day [more…]

Who is suleyman karaman

Who is Süleyman Karaman?

Süleyman Karaman (1956, Alaçayır Village, Refahiye) is a mechanical engineer who also served as the general manager of TCDD. Education Life After starting his education life in Erzincan, he went to Istanbul Pertevniyal High School for high school education. [more…]

How many shopping malls turkiyede

Few There are shopping centers in Turkey?

In Turkey, there are currently a total of 436 pieces Mall. Shopping malls contribute to the economy with 13,2 million square meters of leasable area. The shopping mall sector, which is growing day by day, has an average of 2020 as of the end of 445. [more…]

hygiene support for barbers and hairdressers
35 Izmir

Hygiene Support for Barber and Hairdressers

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will provide hygiene support to barbers and hairdressers, which will be reopened on May 11 in line with the circular of the Ministry of Interior. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Branch Directorate teams shops one by one [more…]

mehmetcige robot helpers are coming
06 Ankara

Robot Helpers are Coming to Mehmetçi!

The Middle Class Level 2 Unmanned Land Vehicle Project Contract has been signed between the Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB) and ASELSAN. President of the Presidential Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail Demir: “Robotic helpers are coming to Mehmetçi! [more…]

healthy turkey has launched a tourism certification program

Turkey Launches Healthy Tourism Certification Program

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched the Healthy Tourism Certification program, which will be effective from the summer season of 2020. Under the leadership of the Ministry, with the contributions of the Ministries of Health, Transport, Interior and Foreign Affairs, and with the cooperation of the whole sector stakeholders. [more…]

beyoglu culture road works continue
34 Istanbul

Beyoğlu Culture Road Works Continue

With the aim of making the square where the Galata Tower is more valuable in terms of tourism and making it the starting point of culture and art activities, the works in the Beyoğlu Culture Road Project, prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, [more…]