Investigation on Misra Oz Sel who lost her son in Corlu Train Accident

corlu train accident lost his son misra oz flood investigation
corlu train accident lost his son misra oz flood investigation

Investigation of Mısra Öz Sel, who lost her son in the Çorlu train accident: The prosecutor's office, which has not done its job for 540 days, opens an investigation for me. Don't hurt us any more, this is my second Christmas without my child.

Anne Mısra Öz Sel, who lost her son Arda Sel in the Çorlu train disaster, was investigated for social media sharing. Mısra Öz Sel, who was called from Üsküdar Police Department, spoke to Evrensel. Is It has been 540 days since I lost my son today, M said Mısra Öz Sel, who said that an investigation was opened while waiting for justice. Mısra Öz Sel said, “I will go testify and then I will make a criminal complaint, for not doing their duties. I don't give up my case..


Related to the investigation UniversalMısra Öz Sel told Meltem Akyol, “They are celebrating my new year. Corlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office initiated an investigation against me for allegedly making insults on social media. I was invited to testify at the request of the Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. I'm out of Istanbul, I will testify when I return. When I asked him which share, they said that I would learn when I came. ”

540 Prosecutors who have not been doing their job for XNUMX days open an investigation ”

Uz We want justice from the very beginning. 25 people lost their lives, today is 540 days and nothing has been done. No one has been dismissed, for 540 days çuk one and a half years adım no steps have been taken with regard to any negligent public servant. For one and a half years, an expert in Çorlu Prosecutor's Office has not been able to solve my blindness, even though we have expressed irregularities with written evidence, he has not questioned anything, everyone continues his work, continues his life, works and earns his money. But the prosecution opens an investigation to me, or you do your job, iş he said.


“Don't hurt us any more, they are upsetting our nerves, forcing our patience, M said Mısra Öz Sel,“ First I will learn the contents of the investigation, give my statement, and then I will make a criminal complaint, because they do not do their duties ”.


Mısra Öz Sel finally said: “This is my second Christmas without my child. I took my son from under two tracks of train. So far we have patiently waited for fair judgment. I don't take a step out of my case with these. I urge them to put their hands on their conscience and make a fair trial. I hope that the new year will be a year in which justice will be applied and justice will be fulfilled. ”

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