Mersin, Railway and Airport to Gear Up

mersin railway and airport
mersin railway and airport

Mersin, Railway and Airport to Shift Up; Mayor of Toroslar Atsız Afşın Yılmaz, who is also the President of the Infrastructure Service Union of Mersin and its Surrounding Area, said that they were very pleased to see the investments that Mersin has been waiting for years in the 2020 Year Presidential Program published in the Official Gazette.

2020 Year Presidential Program macroeconomic and sectoral policies, and stated that the implementation of the implementation of these Yilmaz Yilmaz, program measures in the Cukurova Airport, Yenice Logistics Center and the port connection of the railway line works, he said.

Mersin, Railway and Airport to Gear Up

11. Çukurova Airport, which is also included in the Development Plan, was announced to be completed and the connection to the main railway network will be ensured. Mayor Yılmaz reminded that ukur Çukurova Airport will be completed to address Middle East and Africa coğraf in the 2020 program of the Presidency. Accordingly, Toroslar Mayor Atsız Afşın Yılmaz stated that 65 physical realization level will be reached in the ongoing infrastructure works of Çukurova Airport and superstructure facilities will be tendered within the scope of Public-Private Cooperation (PPP). stressed that it will make a vital contribution. Mersin, after Istanbul, Turkey's largest trade Although the city; active sectors; industry, logistics, agri-food and tourism in the field of the deserved acceleration of the transfer of the President Yilmaz said, leverage effect will be provided to other investments underlined the airport.

Mayor Yilmaz, also Adana-Mersin 3. and 4. Railway Line Construction and Cukurova Airport connection project announced that construction work will begin. In this way, the Konya-Karaman-Nigde-Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep railway line by completing the manufacturing industry sectors Adana, Mersin and Iskenderun ports will be easier to express that President Yilmaz, the priority sectors to focus on the existing and ongoing construction of the logistics centers to raise the standards of Mersin (Yenice) Logistics Center will be opened for business, he said.

Expressing their satisfaction that the investments that Mersin has been waiting for years will be realized in 2020, Mayor Yılmaz added that they will work together on behalf of the development of the city.

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