Father of the Railways Behiç Erkin 58. Commemoration of Death Anniversary

The father of railways was commemorated in th year
The father of railways was commemorated in th year

Behiç Erkin, the father of the railways, was commemorated on the 58 anniversary of his death; Tepebaşı Mayor Dt. Ahmet Ataç is the founder and first general manager of State Railways. He attended a memorial service on the anniversary of his death.

Tepebaşı Mayor Dt. Ahmet Ataç, as the commander in charge of shipments, played an important role in winning the Dardanelles War and participated in the commemoration ceremony held at the grave of Behiç Erkin, one of the most important heroes of the War of Independence.

At the ceremony, the death of 58. Speaking about Erkin, the founder and first general manager of the State Railways commemorated on the anniversary, Mayor Ataç said, eli It has been more than half a century since we lost Behiç Erkin, one of the most important heroes of our War of Independence. 'Father of the Railways', this important name, II. During his time as ambassador in Paris during World War II, he is famous for rescuing thousands of Turkish Jews from the Nazi genocide. He is one of the closest and oldest colleagues of Atatürk and one of the few people in which he shared his thoughts with private letters and exchanged ideas on country and world issues. Behiç Erkin is one of the most important city memories of Eskişehir. In this context, we showed our sensitivity to the values ​​of the city to Behiç Erkin and gave him an important sports project. We find it more right to remember the unforgettable people who took their place in the memory of our city with projects that will immortalize their names. 11 November 1961 lost the Turkish politician and diplomat Behiç Erkin, aka 'Father of the Railways', I remember with mercy. ”

The ceremony ended after the speeches and prayers.

Who is Behiç Erkin

Born in 1876 in Istanbul, Behiç Bey graduated from the War College in 1898 and graduated from the War Academy in 1901. After 1904, he became a staff captain and served as an inspector of the Thessaloniki-Istanbul Railway Guard Forces. He was taken prisoner to the Greeks in the Balkan War in 1910. .

After the invasion of Istanbul by the Allied Powers in 16 March 1920, he sailed to Anatolia when he was sought by the British. When he arrived in Ankara at 5 to join the National Forces, Behiç was carrying the rank of General Staff. President İsmet Bey (İnönü) received the second presidential offer. Within a few days, another proposal was made by the Deputy of Nafia (Minister of Public Works) İsmail Fazıl Pasha. Anadolu Directorate of the Company now decided. he gave.

Behiç Bey 16 July 1920'de successfully continued this task.

Behiç Bey 14, who was a full-fledged organizer and statesman, was elected to the Ministry of Public Works in January 1926.

11 November Behç Erkin, who died in 1961, will be buried in the triangle at Eskişehir (Enveriye) station where İzmir-İsnabul-Ankara lines, where he took the first General Manager position, will be buried in the triangle.

Behiç Erkin can be written about;

- The person who performs the logistics of the Çanakkale War

-Mustafa Kemal, "If you succeed in moving the army to the front, I know very well what to do on the front," he gave him successfully completed the logistics of the War of Independence,

-To teach the foreigners who say that they can not operate Turkish roads

- Against those who want to return railways to foreign enterprises after the War of Independence,

- Signed another first by translating the language of operation of the required railways and the courses of ITU into Turkish,

that first to decentralization in the Turkish Republic and ITU ^ y of decentralization that,

establishing the first public museum in the Turkish Republic,

establishing the first school in the Turkish Republic railways,

-A founder of our national intelligence organization and one of the founder 13 signatures with Atatürk,

-TCDD's first General Manager, father of railway,

- One of the first MPs and First Ministers of Public Works,

- During the Embassy of France during the Jewish genocide of Nazi Germany and its partner, the Turkish citizen of 20bin rescued the Jewish citizen with great genius.


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