9 Promoted After YHT Accident

promoted after yht accident
promoted after yht accident

9 Promoted after HST Accident in which a person lost his life; In the indictment of the 9 high-speed train (YHT) accident, TCDD executives, who were considered suspicious on the grounds that they were flawed, were promoted after the accident.

HürriyetAccording to Mesut Hasan Benli's report; “13 in Ankara December In the indictment prepared for the accident that took place in 2018, 7 TCDD manager was also included as a suspect. Among them, the current TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun 3 manager, including the need for permission to investigate the files was decided to be separated. Kadir Oguz, who served as the deputy director of the Ankara YHT Station and who was involved in the indictment, was found to be defective in the occurrence of the accident on the grounds that Osman Yildirim had no necessary training. In the report of the Board of Inspectors, which was also included in the indictment, it was requested to idari make administrative savings about the station deputy director Kadir Oğuz, who did not appoint enough train personnel and reduce the risk of mistakes hata. In the indictment and the findings of the Inspection Board report mentioned that Oguz, after the accident appeared to be promoted. YHT Traffic and Station Management Service Directorate according to the organization chart YHT accident Oguz 'YHT Ankara Station Manager Y. (instead)' was assigned to the staff.


The indictment did not take preventive measures before the accident stated that the suspect TCDD General Directorate of Traffic and Station Management Department Branch Manager Recep Kutlay was among the names promoted after the accident. Kutlay was appointed acting vice president. Ali İhsan Uygun, who served as the Assistant General Manager of TCDD prior to the accident and was asked for investigation permission due to his position, was appointed as the General Manager of TCDD after the accident.

The expert report in the indictment stated that the newly established traffic management system was defective and that Uygun was also defective on the grounds that it was responsible for the establishment of this system.



  1. Justice and merit at the highest level, applause to the authorities. I hope we will enter the year 2023 with this justice and merit.