ankara bursa bandirma fast train will be in service
16 Bursa

Ankara Bursa Bandırma High Speed ​​Train to be Launched in 2021

Ankara Bursa Bandırma High Speed ​​Train to be Launched in 2021; First… We read the news about connecting to Bursa by high speed train in the local newspapers of Çanakkale. Then, we read the news that we read in the newspapers of Balıkesir on Saturday and in the local press of Bandırma on Sunday. Written: Balikesir AK Party deputies Yavuz Subasi, Adil Celik, Mustafa Canbey, next to the Metropolitan [more…]

kartepe hippodrome street is renewing
41 Kocaeli

Kartepe Hippodrome Street is Renovating

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues its road maintenance, repair and renovation works in the city. In this context, the renovation work is being carried out on the Hippodrome Street which connects Kartepe City Square to Sarı Meşe Neighborhood Bağdat Street. 800 is on the street where the works continue intensively. [more…]

bursalilar wants a high speed train
16 Bursa

Bursalılar Want High Speed ​​Train

Bursalılar Want High Speed ​​Train; The problem is… We all agree that Bursa is a city that does not seek the right. Because there is an urban society that perceives wanting as embarrassment. For years, he could not get the share he deserved from public investments. However,… Industrial production, export, agricultural [more…]

promoted after yht accident
06 Ankara

9 Promoted After YHT Accident

9 Promoted after HST Accident in which a person lost his life; In the indictment of the 9 high-speed train (YHT) accident, TCDD executives, who were considered suspicious on the grounds that they were flawed, were promoted after the accident. Mesut from Hürriyet [more…]