TÜDEMSAŞ's 2020 Budget Allowance Should Be Increased!

tudemsasin butce allowance should be increased
tudemsasin butce allowance should be increased

Abdullah Peker, Chairman of Hak-Union of Transportation and Railway Employees, stated that the allowance to be allocated to TÜDEMSAŞ should be increased in the 2020 investment program of the year and otherwise TÜDEMSAŞ could not produce.

Transportation Employees Hak-Sen Chairman Abdullah Peker said in a press statement that the appropriation to be allocated to 2020 Investment Program should be increased urgently, otherwise TÜDEMSAŞ cannot produce. The only project that will solve the unemployment problem of our Sivas is that TÜDEMSAŞ makes more production. Peker, who has continued its production uninterruptedly since 1934, contributes to the national economy at a high rate, and stated that TCDEM's General Directorate, which is the production and repair of freight wagon production and repair of TCDD, should be supported locally and generally in Sivas. First of all, I would like to invite the Minister of Transport and the non-governmental organizations located in Sivas to support our deputies.

I hereby declare that we have placed TÜDEMŞAŞ as the sine qua non of our indispensables. Workers, officers and managers with the institution to come to a higher point without anyone playing in the stands, without making any political material that I have no doubt that the point. For years, I do not produce projects for TUDEMSAS or visual and written media that do not write a line of people or institutions that do not speak two words, please be sincere all together we support TÜDEMSAŞ. TÜDEMSAŞ, which is one of every three Sivasli bread gates, should be brought to further points in 80's year of establishment. Ankara should look seriously at TÜDEMSAŞ, and we expect efforts from our Minister of Transport to pay more attention to TÜDEMSAŞ. 2020 will be a difficult year for TÜDEMSAŞ in terms of manufacturing and repairs. As a result, TÜDEMSAŞ will remain as Sivaslının and Sivaslının. ”


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