Citizens in Kocaeli Pleased with Mobile Stops

kocaelide citizens are satisfied with mobile stops
kocaelide citizens are satisfied with mobile stops

Mobile stops are being built on Salim Dervişoğlu Street, which is an alternative to D-100 highway, where public transportation to Kocaeli's Karamürsel, Gölcük and Başiskele districts is used. Citizens express their satisfaction from the new mobile station built next to the Adnan Menderes Overpass in Izmit, which makes it easier for passengers to take and download public transport. The first of the mobile stops to be constructed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in three areas is completed, while the construction of Mimar Sinan and Turgut Özal Overpass pockets continues.


Expanding Salim Dervişoğlu Street in stages, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is building new mobile stops on the street. Adnan Menderes Overpass was completed and offered to the citizens. Thanks to the newly built mobile stops, Başiskele, Gölcük and Karamürsel public transportation vehicles can easily download and receive passengers. Citizens can easily get on public transport means that they are satisfied with the new mobile stops. Within the scope of the works carried out by teams of the Department of Science Affairs, the construction of the mobile stops built next to the Mimar Sinan and Turgut Özal Overpass Bridges continues.


Levent Karagöz (40) stated that he was working at Başiskele and used Halkevi station while traveling between İzmit and Başiskele. “At the previous stop, civilian vehicles stopped due to the bus stopping. This caused traffic jams. It was good to make the pockets. We congratulate our municipality on this subject. With this study, this region became more regular and more fluent. The main traffic here doesn't fail. With this work, we provide a more regular service in transportation. ”


Retirement Cevdet Göçlü (74) stated that he used the mobile station for the first time and liked it. “The new mobile station was really nice. Traffic accidents that may occur here were prevented. With this study, both passengers can get on the vehicles more easily and vehicles can get up and stop more easily. It used to be under the bridge and the vehicles were standing in the middle of the road. Now both passengers and buses have been relieved. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality ”.

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