THY's Maçka Flight flew to Trabzon in memory of Şehit Eren Bülbül

thynin macka plane sehit eren bulbul in memory trabzona uctu
thynin macka plane sehit eren bulbul in memory trabzona uctu

THY's Maçka plane flew to Trabzon in memory of Şehit Eren Bülbül. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, a Turkish Airlines (THY) fleet, named 'Maçka' in memory of our new martyr Eren Bülbül, who made his first flight from Trabzon to Trabzon.

TK-4900 flight number 'Maçka' made its first flight in memory of our martyr Eren Bülbül by taking off from Istanbul Airport with 300 passenger and landing at Trabzon Airport at noon.

Trabzon Airport, the first time in the commercial sense as the plane was met with the 2 minute water squeezing ceremony, the aircraft approached the apron, the Air Force Command's aerobatic team was greeted by two low flights made by the Turkish Stars.

Among the first passengers of the AK Party deputies of the Parliamentary Committee of Trabzon Environment Commission Muhammet Balta and Salih Cora and Macka Mayor Koray Kochan, Trabzonspor President Ahmet Agaoglu'nun plane, including Trabzon Governor Ismail Ustaoglu, Trabzon Mayor Murat Zorluoglu protocol members and guests welcomed.

The first passengers of the plane and the provincial protocol, passing from the airport to Maçka district, where the martyr of the martyr Eren Bülbül read the recitation of the Holy Quran recited prayer made for our martyr.

Social media users, THY's new plane to find a name in the campaign after the recommendation of the martyr Eren Bülbül intensively after the company, the aircraft within the name of the private person because of the martyrs' hometown 'Maçka' decision was made.

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