Direct Transportation to Miço Bay Women's Beach

mico dark transport to women's beach
mico dark transport to women's beach

Transportation, one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, does not forget the women who want to go to iç Miço Bay Women's Beach ken while transferring citizens to the blue flag beaches of Kandira. Metropolitan Municipality, 800CK on weekdays (goes to Cebec) and 800K line code on weekends provides direct access to women's beaches. The 800CK and 800K lines leading to the women's beach have become the first means of transportation by women.

800KC and 800K lines, which take the passengers who want to reach the M Miço Bay Women's Beach masız in Kandira district of Karpathos, are intensely preferred by the citizens. On weekdays and especially on weekends, one of the buses going to one of the flights that experienced extreme intensity comes from one. TransportationPark, which carries out a service-oriented working principle, manages to maximize passenger satisfaction by making 800 mileage round-trip with its seasonal line 150K.

800K coded bus, which transports passengers to the beach with blue flags at the weekend, departs from the Gulf Municipality and makes a roundtrip 34 flight. The 28CK single-line buses that run round-trip 800 on weekdays go to the women's beach in Karpathos and then to Kefken and Cebeci. As with all lines on weekdays and weekends, these buses are followed by the authorities instantly and live along the route. Depending on the intensity, additional expeditions are taken as necessary.


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