First Day of Ramadan Feast in Erzurum Free

erzurumda ramadan on the first day of the holiday
erzurumda ramadan on the first day of the holiday

Ram Free transportation vazgeç, which becomes a tradition in Erzurum, will also be indispensable for this holiday. On the first day of the festival, with the instruction of Erzurum Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, all the public buses, private public buses and line minibuses will carry free passengers. Within the scope of special services, transportation to the cemeteries will be carried out in a special program. After the Eid prayer, the Metropolitan Municipality will organize ring trips to and from the 45 mosque in the city center.


In accordance with the program of the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality's public transportation program, all services will be carried out without interruption. Free day on the first day of the festival will start at 08.00 and will cover all the means of transportation. Apart from the passenger busses of the metropolitan municipality, private public buses and line minibuses are included in the study so that the poor and needy citizens can easily visit the holidays.


Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality's special transportation services will include cemeteries. Buses that are held in front of the 45 mosque in the city center immediately after the prayer of prayer will make it possible for anyone wishing to reach the graveyards. The cemeteries will be transported from the cemeteries to 08.00-12.00 from the cemeteries. The mosques included in the program for transport services to the cemeteries are: Çelik Ulu Mosque, Yıldızkent Tokiler Mosque, Şükrüpaşa Mosque, Lalapaşa Mosque, Yıldızkent Selimiye Mosque, Şükrüpaşa Tufanç Kardeşler Mosque, Narmanlı Mosque, Yunusemre Mosque, Şükrüpaşa Mustafa Çelik Mosque, Solakzade Mosque, Muhammet Lütfü Efendi Mosque, Palandöken Mosque, Mehmet Zahit Kotku Mosque, Sanayi Sitesi Mosque, Hazrat Osman Mosque, Gürcükapı Mosque, Sanayi Keresteciler Mosque, Halit Paşa Mosque, Gez Camii, Sanayi Yıldırım Beyazıt Mosque, Hilalkent Mosque, Muhittin Arabi Mosque, Sanayi Yeni Mosque, Cemaliye Mosque Mosque, Dadaskent Central Mosque, Çamlık Mosque, Dere Mosque, Dadaşkent Bilali Habeş Mosque, Kavak Mosque, Köşk Mosque, Dadaşkent Vehbi Efendi Mosque, Ilıca Central Mosque, Hacı Ahmet Baba Mosque, Dadaşkent Hussein Efendi Mosque, Ilıca Adalar Mosque, Abu Isaac Mosque, Dadaşkent Mustafa Bakan Mosque, Ilıca Omer Nasuhi Bilmen Mosque, Haci Salih Efendi Mosque, Sun C Amii, Ilica Carsi Mosque, Millet Mosque, Yildiz Mosque, Ilica Nursery Mosque. was recorded.

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