URTİM Continues to Come Together with Students

urtim continues to meet with students
urtim continues to meet with students

The combination of industry and schools with various activities is of great importance for the students to gain experience and the future of the sector. During the 2018-2019 school year, 32 meets with approximately 5000 students from different universities with its activities and sponsorships at Boğaziçi, Yıldız Technical, MEF, İstanbul, Karadeniz Teknik, Süleyman Demirel and Kocaeli universities. provided support for their development.

Among the references of Tekfen Construction's Tüpraş Refinery Project, Dia Holding and IC Construction's joint project Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center, Gürsoy Group's Çamlıca Mosque, Giresun Stadium and Tekfen, Gemsan, Günkon, IOT Vito and İlk Construction have realized different phases. URTİM, which has many prestigious projects such as Star Refinery, Rönesans Construction's Yamal LNG Facilities Project, conveys its experiences to the students with its educational projects.

”We want students to be informed about mold and scaffolding before going to the construction site.“

Stating that industrialist-school collaborations are of great importance for the sector and country, URTİM Mold and Scaffolding Systems Chairman Serdar Urfalılar continued his words as follows: büyük As of last year, we started to focus on our educational projects. We work and cooperate with different educational institutions. We are very happy to share our 39 years of experience in the industry with the students and to make them practice on our sector. We want students to be informed about mold and scaffolding before going to the construction site. We offer different models for increasing teamwork and analytical thinking skills with various workshops. We are trying to guide our students by sharing our experiences in our working life. We will continue our efforts to increase our trained workforce and to support the process of identifying students' careers Eğitim

Serdar Urfalılar; this year going to the universities outside Istanbul's not one of our young who are the future of Turkey they always defend "equality of opportunity in education" is a nice step in and indescribable to see the enthusiasm of the young people he said that gave happiness.

Engineers and Architect Candidates

This academic year I URT who closely follow the calendar of the universities, in the event, including presentations and workshops, students from different parts of Turkey to the participants of the materials and systems installation offered a chance to experience one. In addition to the trainings, the activities carried out by Ergun Baştan, the Marketing and Business Development Manager, and URTİM and the introductory presentations of the sector:

Yıldız Technical University - First Baretim and Civilİstanbul Events

The activities of Yildiz Technical University, which started with İ First Baretim İ in October 2018 in October, continued with CivilIstanbul Career Events held in March. URTİM had the opportunity to convey experiences from many different universities with sectoral presentations and workshops.

Construction Summit Meets Students in Isparta within the Scope of İZ'19 Event

URTİM met with the students in Isparta at the Süleyman Demirel University for the first time this year. The event will be enriched with workshops by the students.

Excitement was at Doruktepe in DECO Steel Bridge Competition at Bogazici University

One of the activities in the students' school calendar is DECO Steel Bridge Competition sponsored by URTİM in Boğaziçi University between 16-18 April. On the second and third day of the competition, the students continued with the gün Safe Mold and Scaffolding Workshop “organized by URTİM.

The award-winning teams at the ı Deco Steel Bridge Competition 2019 Çelik are listed as follows:

1-Karadeniz Technical University

2-Bayburt University

3-Istanbul University

In addition, ”Romemlet Team Diamond ise award was won by Bucharest Civil Engineering Technical University.

FIRST IM-2019 Activity - Karadeniz Technical University

Under the sponsorship of URTİM, students took the opportunity to participate in arasında Safe Scaffolding and Mold Assembly Workshop liği within the scope of FIRST-IM 21 event held at 24-2019 April in Karadeniz Technical University. The students were informed about the company and the sector.

TİMOB 2019 Organized at Kocaeli University

This year TİMOB organized by the Kocaeli University (Turkey Civil Engineering Students Gathering) in URT I still was with the students. by company officials, Turkey's many universities represented at the event "Safe Scaffolding and Formwork Workshop" next to the sector and companies introductory presentations were held.

U Safe Mold and Scaffolding Workshop ”Meeting with MEF University Students

URTİM was with MEF University students on the last day of April. The event was completed with ile Safe Mold and Scaffolding Workshop olan.

End of Academic Calendar with Istanbul University Event

In the first week of May, URTİM hosted a workshop and a presentation at the Avcılar Campus of the Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Engineering Building Club. This year, Yıldız Technical University and Nişantaşı University started with first-class engineering students and continued their activities in different universities throughout the year. Career days, competitions, presentations and workshops to be included in the activities of the students was held in Turkey over the university with the participation of a total of 8.

URTİM achieved the mission of arak full support for education r as the first step towards equality of opportunity by reaching many universities and students in Anatolia. Being a partner for the enthusiasm and working determination of the students became a source of happiness for the company.

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