Haydarpaşa'da under the rails of history gushes

under the rails
under the rails

4 in the excavations that started during the construction of the suburban line in Kadıköy Haydarpaşa. 4 from the century until the Republican period, different period of the works appeared. It is said that the city dates back to 500 meters behind the Separation Fountain stop.

Archaeological artifacts from the area behind the Haydarpaşa Train Station, one of the most important monumental buildings of Istanbul, continue to surprise the experts. One of the first findings of the new suburban line, 10 was removed from the soil after a month.

MilliyetAccording to the news of Gökhan Karakaş; The train tracks coming to Haydarpaşa Gar, while being renewed for Marmaray and the suburban line at its connection, the engineers encountered archaeological finds at July 2018. Archaeological artifacts that were in Haydarpaşa Urban and Historical SIT area were assigned to the supervision of Istanbul Archaeological Museums under the decisions of the Preservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage. Expert archaeologists and art historians were assigned. Experts expanding their work on the 300 acres in Kadikoy, under the rails and on the two sides of the historical station has identified many archaeological remains. Archaeologists have determined that the artifacts from the soil belong to four different periods as in the whole of Istanbul.

The ruins of the late Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Republican periods are all over Haydarpaşa, while the oldest archaeological artifacts found in the area are 4. century. From the Roman Empire until the death of the Emperor Heraclius in 284, from the Roman Empire until the death of the Emperor Diocletian, the traces of the 641 year-old history have been found in Haydarpaşa.

Examining pots and coins found by archaeologists

Istanbul and Haydarpaşa districts, which have continued to be one of the most important harbor properties between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, have been the hauntings of commercial ships since 1872 where the first station was built. In each excavation, a little more building walls, baths, residential rooms, water channels, roads and even streets were unearthed. Pottery pieces and coins found by archaeologists have been the subject of many experts from ancient historians to the art historians of the Republican era.

History of the region may be retracted further

It is estimated that the port city, which was very clear when the four platforms reached the historic station, stretched to about 500 meters behind the Ayrılık Çeşmesi stop. The Separation Fountain, which is the Marmaray transfer station with the suburban line, was the last camp site of the Ottoman Empire's army. After the three-day camp of the army again, it was found that there was a structure that could be a religious structure in the Ayrılık Fountain. The grave area around the mosque, which is very close to the Haydarpaşa port city, may retrace the history of the region.

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