The Cost of Rail Systems Payable from Tax Revenues

the cost of rail systems will be taken from tax revenues
the cost of rail systems will be taken from tax revenues

The cost of the rail systems made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will be collected by transferring 5 deduction from the shares to be allocated over the total amount of general budget tax revenues collection of the relevant municipality each month by the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance.

Accordingly, ar The Resolution on the Amendment of the Resolution Regarding the Determination of the Conditions Related to the Adoption, Acquisition and Completion of the Inland Rail Transportation Systems, Metros and Related Facilities by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure la was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

ARTICLE 1- 25 Article 10 of 2010 / 2010 / 1115 dated and 8 / XNUMX decision of the Council of Ministers of the City Rail Transportation Systems, Substations and Related Facilities of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure by the Ministry of Transport and Subsequent Transfer of Determination
It has been changed.

ARTICLE 8- (1) After the completion of the construction of the project by the Ministry, the transfer of ownership to an organization other than the affiliated, related or related institutions of the Ministry is carried out over the cost value. However, if the project can be opened before the completion of the project, the project can be put into service with the protocols to be arranged and the transfer of the business until the transfer of the property. The transfer is carried out with the protocols to be arranged.

(2) 2 / 7 / 2008 dated 5779 / 7 / 15 dated 3 / 2010 / 2010 and 238 / 965 issued by the Council of Ministers of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Turkey The transferor shall cover the total cost of the project, which will be covered and / or met by the central government budget, including the periods, from the date of the transfer of ownership and / or operation to the date of execution of the The deduction shall be paid by the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance to the relevant account.

(3) In case the municipality-affiliated administration, the municipality-affiliated administration and / or the municipality has the capital share, the relevant municipality shall be jointly liable together with the institution that has taken over the fulfillment of the obligations. This issue is also indicated in the protocols between the Ministry and the municipalities.

(4) In cases where the amount of installments that are not paid in full or in part is not paid within twenty-five working days after the due date, the provisions of the Law on Collection Procedures of Public Receivables 21 / 7 / 1953 and 6183 shall be applied.

ARTICLE 2- The same Qatar;

a) The phrase “by the Council of Ministers lar in paragraph (b) of the first paragraph of Article 2 has been changed as f by the President X.

b) In the first paragraph of the annex 1, the phrase ca to the Council of Ministers ”has been changed as ık the President alan and the second paragraph of the” Council of Ministers alan has been changed to f the President Ek.

c) The phrase ibar Council of Ministers “in the article 11 has been changed as yer President X.


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