50 Annual Road Destiny in Tarsus Finished


Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, the district of Tarsus, Kadelli, Cavuslu, Kocmarli, Yanıkkışla, Karakütük, Alibeyli and Taşobası neighborhoods around 50 for the year led to the group path.

Tarsus'a Kadelli, Cavuslu, Kocmarli, Yanikkisla, Karakutuk, Alibeyli and Taşobası neighborhood residents used the former, but later the maintenance of important problems due to lack of maintenance due to the Metropolitan Municipality met again.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Tarsus-Çamlıyayla Branch Office contacted with the head of Kadell Mahallesi Bedrettin Kurt, upon the application of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer gave instructions immediately. The teams that acted upon the instructions given by Seçer opened the group path in a short time and offered the services to the neighborhoods. On the way to the group where the road maintenance was carried out with stabilized material, the teams used materials close to 2 thousand tons. Thanks to the opened group path, the crossing between the neighborhoods was shortened to 7 kilometers and the road suffering of the residents of the neighborhood was over.

50 expressed their gratitude for the services made for citizens over the years and expressed their gratitude for the service and thanked the Mayor of Mersin Vahap Seçer.


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