100 of the Sivas Congress. Special Year

special raybus
special raybus

100 of the Sivas Congress. to the Divriği in Sivas - Divriği Raybüsü specially prepared for the year.

Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, members of the protocol and students of the Faculty of Tourism of Cumhuriyet University were invited to the 100. went to the district of Divriği with a raft made of visual dressing.

Governor Salih Ayhan, who organized a ini Culture and Arts and Literary Talks with Young People enc program with young people in Istanbul, shared the city culture, history and experiences with the students and answered the questions from the students. In the breaks given, the songs of Muzaffer Sarısözen Fine Arts High School were accompanied by beautiful music concerts.

100 of the Sivas Congress. Ayhan noted that they have signed a nice event within the scope of the Year Events. The year has brought together a very nice relationship and a beautiful excitement occurred in our city. Everyone's partner says Sivas and 100. year spirit. Hopefully we will make this permanent İn.

Ayhan said that they will introduce students to Divriği and historical places of Sivas, which are the pupils of Sivas, and said ve We thank you for accompanying us. We will get the results that will bring Sivas to the place it deserves in tourism, Sivas he said.

After the conversation with the young people, the Governor Ayhan reduced the distance between Sivas and Divriği to approximately 2 hours and moved to the mechanic seat of the railroad which provided a comfortable transportation. Governor Ayhan, taking information from the mechanics about the expeditions and the route, wished journey without accidents.

100 of the Sivas Congress. The delegation which was transferred to Divriği with a specially prepared raft was welcomed by the Governor of Divriği Muhammet Öztabak, the district protocol and the people of the district. Following the demonstrations of folk dances, protocol conversations were made.

In the speech he gave after the Governor and the Mayor of Sivas Province, Governor Ayhan said: 100 to 7 will be a year to leave a mark on everyone's mind. 70. years in this sense is very meaningful, the path will create awareness on each route. üs He said.

Two Cars of Eastern Express will be Dressed

100 of the Sivas Congress. Governor Ayhan noted that they have made many programs within the scope of the Year Activities. Likewise, the two wagons of the Eastern Express will be dressed to make the hidden treasures of Sivas and Divrigi visible. Tourism is the work of perception and advertising. We have so much material, but we can't make enough publicity. Our institutional and physical infrastructure has reached a good point. We will bring Sivas and Divriği to the place they deserve. Tourism meeting in Sivas and Divriği'da what we can do in tourism, we have created a road map and we will accelerate it, 'he said.

Governor Ayhan continued his words as follows: pr I can give another good news to Divriği, and one leg of the Eastern Express will be Divrigi. We do not neglect Divriği every work we do. The fact that Raybüs is in a visual state for a year is going to add a beauty to Divriği. Ray

Later on, Governor Ayhan visited the Divriği Ulu Mosque and Hospital and Divriği mansions on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Students who had the chance to see the Great Mosque and Hospital of Darüşşifa for the first time could not hide their admiration and had plenty of photos taken.

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