How to solve the transportation problem in Samsun?

how to solve the transportation problem
how to solve the transportation problem

Samsun Media Group team, Samsunlularara, "How to solve the transportation problem in the city?" He asked. Most of the citizens expressed that drivers should receive traffic training and called for an extension of the rail system.

One of the most important problems of Samsun, expressed as one of the most important problems we asked the solution for citizens. Citizens, drivers need to receive traffic education, while others need to extend the rail system route and public transportation should be more widespread.

Here are the answers:

Mevlüt ŞİRİN: The transportation problem must be feasibility and the drivers need to be trained. Because drivers do not prioritize the pedestrian, such as throwing scissors are important defects. In these cases, traffic is endangered and transportation is affected. I don't think there will be any trouble if they solve such problems.

Mehmet GÖKÇE: Some vehicles outside the school and work hours may be restricted in terms of traffic relief and people can be directed to bicycles instead of cars. If this is the case, I think transportation will improve in any way.

WALL should be WIDE
Bedri Değirmenci: I think some of the transportation problem has been solved by the rail system in Samsun. It was relaxing for both people and traffic vehicles. But I can also say that the streets should be wide, if it is wide, traffic can be provided.

Yaşar SEMİZ: I think there are a lot of special vehicles. This leads to a parking problem. I think it will help to solve the transportation problem by increasing public transport, extending the distance of the tram and reducing the private vehicles.

Hayrettin KAYMAZ: I think that the end of the tram and end hours should be increased. Because the tram provides great convenience for transportation in Samsun. We can go to many places, but I find the hours insufficient. I would also say that bus numbers need to be increased. After all, I don't think we're going to face any more distress in transportation.

Mine ÇAMLIBEL: Samsun needs to be organized in a more planned, reconstruction manner. Because we are seeing an increase in the population of Samsun. So the number of cars is increasing. I also find the overpasses in Samsun. I also think that more needs to be done.

Necla AKKAÇ: We want trams to go to hospitals and airports. If this is the way I think our lives and traffic will relax. Some of the buses pass by an hour we citizens are suffering from transportation in this situation we are not at all satisfied.

Kani ŞAHİN: I do not think that Samsun has a transportation problem. I use the tram all the time and it's enough for me. In addition, the rail system provides access to all places. I think it is a very nice means of transportation for Samsun residents. But I'm on the side of the reduction of private cars because parking is a problem. I don't think there's any other transportation problem.

Süreyya BELDÜZ: With the extension of the minibuses, transportation can be facilitated with the extension of the tram. And it is move more comfortable. There is also much more convenience provided if the tram to the bus station is made. I think this can be a solution to the transportation problem. (Ebru ÖZTÜRK, Ekrem ASLAN - the samsungazete)


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