Native to Turkey Overtakes ESI Technologies

es indigenous technology has passed the turkey
es indigenous technology has passed the turkey

For eCall, which is automatically connected to 112 in emergencies in new generation cars, the uncertainty about the eSIM management system has ended. New generation car owners will have a safer driving experience with domestic and national eSIM remote management technology.

28 with EU member countries in Turkey manufactured from April 1 2018 in all new cars 'eCall' has become mandatory to use the system. The m eCall devre system, which means an emergency call, is an innovation that aims to save lives in emergencies such as accidents, road bouts in new generation cars. The system automatically communicates with 112 with the kur eSIM X technology, even if the driver or passengers are unable to speak, giving first-aid teams information on where the accident is. This way, the driver or passengers can be identified even if they have lost their consciousness. Vehicle models without “eCall atı system cannot be imported.

Native eSIM remote management system mandatory and domestic goods required certification

The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) mandated the local eSIM remote management system and introduced the requirement of domestic goods. The reasoning of the decision is to ensure effective competition in information and communication technologies, to minimize potential problems in the process of subscriber exchange, and to protect consumer rights and personal data from being removed abroad. In addition, for the systems to be used with the decision taken to ensure the maximum level of cyber security and to carry out the national security, public order or public service properly, the necessary preparations have been completed until the date of 29.02.2020.

One hundred percent domestic solution available

managed from BTK to be imported to Turkey esım'l of operator profiles on them for security reasons the car Turkey, indicating that stipulate the necessity Metamorphosis General Manager Aysegul Topoğl of "12.02.2019 in BTK, a board resolution to be located in Turkey remote management system to be used in the ESI technology took. According to the decision, it will be building plants in Turkey ESI related to remote management and so vital, sensitive data that may pose a security weakness will have remained in the territory of Turkey. Metamorphosis, conforming to the standards of GSMA (Mobile Operators Union) standards, 100 Metamorphosis with a certificate of domestic goods, our Remote Management Platform in the local and national can meet the need. Oz He said.

75 million TL SIM card cost also ends

Ayşegül Topoğlu, who pointed out that the old SIM cards of the operators were purchased and new SIM cards were purchased when the number is in question. In SIM cards coming from abroad can not be used again in number transportation process. Because of the need to be replaced with a new country, we had to face a serious cost. For example, in the case of a change of 50 million SIM cards per year, it costs about 75 million TL to our country. This situation causes our national wealth to go abroad. With the eSIM Remote Management Platform we have developed, we will not have to bear these costs as a country, because more than one operator can be changed using the same eSIM. It's a significant metamorphosis in Turkey market as a solution to be able to offer local and national gratifying for us. "Gave the information.

37,5 will be 2020 billion dollars in 151,8

In Turkey, although the first expectation is to transfer to the ESI project with eCall process available though smartphones in a very short period of time, iPad, smart watches, mobile POS devices, in devices such as smart meters in ESI applications to be implemented. According to the latest research, the market of 2015 billion dollars in 37,5 2020 151,8 billion dollars is estimated to rise. Worldwide, the 22 telecom operator has already switched to eSIM.

One in five vehicles will connect to the global network

In the past, M2M (communication between machines) was provided with SIM cards. For example, when a meter manufacturer or car rental company wanted to move SIM cards to different operators, all devices in the field had to manually change their SIM cards, taking into account the large operating costs. Metamorphosis used with eSIM technology With the eSIM remote management platform, operator changes will be realized with serious cost advantages with airborne intervention without the need to go physically to the device. are offered to the market with support. With ESI Remote Management Platform metamorphosis produced by the new generation of cars that can be seen in the way many brands in Turkey. Research by major research companies such as Gartner, Machina about new generation cars indicates that one in five vehicles in the 2020 will connect to the global network through a mobile network connection.


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