Alpha-X Train Speeding 400 Speeds per Hour

alpha x train running at km per hour began testing in japan
alpha x train running at km per hour began testing in japan

Alfa-X, which replaces the famous Shinkansen trains in Japan, started its first tests. The train can reach 400 km / h and will travel at a speed of 360 km / h per day trip.

JR East, one of the Japanese railway companies, exhibited the new high-speed train named Alfa-X. When the train reaches the 400 km / h speed, it will be the fastest train carrying passengers. The daily speed of the train will be 360 km / h.

The test, which was launched by JR East on Friday, without passengers, according to Bloomberg, is that the 10 will travel between Aomori and Sendai cities at night. The tests will continue for three years, and JR East aims to turn the train into a commercial product in 2030.

The fact that the train is given so much space to open to the public brings the possibility that another competitor can cross this train directly.

According to Bloomberg, the fastest train title can now be owned by the on-going magnetic levitation train. Built between Tokyo and Nagoya, this train will begin to take passengers in 2027 and follow a line with plenty of tunnels. Thanks to this line, the train can reach the speed of 505 km / h.

The 22-meter nose of the Alfa-X allows the train to accelerate, accelerating the train, and the train uses standard brakes as well as air brakes and magnetic plates to slow down. (Donanımhab is)


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