Turkey's Cars Will Be Electric SUV

turkiyenin cars will be electric SUV
turkiyenin cars will be electric SUV

Turkey's domestic automobile dream come true. Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) will be on the road in the car will be produced by 2022. The first model to be produced will be the 100 electric SUV. Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) CEO GurcanTurkoglu King, 2021 by the end of the calendar that means closer to the end of the design phase, said completion of the homologation 2022 will work as the first quarter. Karakas, Turkey's completely tOGGer the car's intellectual and industrial property rights that underlined the will of Turkey.

Expressing that the domestic car is a smart vehicle, Karakaş informed that they will start the construction of the smart factory that will produce this smart vehicle this year. 2022'da 100 60 on the world's new model will be released on the 2022'dan Karakaş said: aya Our own target 2022'da our vehicle entered the market. Because from this date the market will slowly begin to be filled with electric vehicles. We cannot say that there is an open gap between the countries in the West. I can even say that when our car is launched on 100, it will be the first electric SUV produced by a non-traditional manufacturer on the European continent. The race is just starting. The companies coming to the starting line are almost in line. ”Karakaş, who said that the competitors of domestic cars are not brands of 500, attracted attention to the start-ups in China. Karakaş said, otomobil In China, we have XNUMX StartUp, like ours, who is trying to get a share of the ecosystem it will create more than the car itself. Şt We know how fast, simple and agile, electrical-electronics, connected devices and smart applications are like in China şt.

The domestic car project will mobilize the ecosystem 15 50 billion euros will contribute to GNP in the year, explaining the Karakas, "The positive contribution to the current account deficit 7 billion euros will be directly and indirectly about 20 thousand people will contribute to employment," he said. ((Sabah)


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