Turhan: 'Turkey, Iran's Gateway to Europe'

turhan turkey iranin the door opening to Europe
turhan turkey iranin the door opening to Europe

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, "Turkey, Iran to Europeor opening door; Iran, Turkey also beginning to Central Asia, including Asiaor the door that opens. For this purpose, our delegations discussed the new transport routes and decided to sign the Combined Transport Agreement. Hey

Official capital for talks with Iran's Minister Turhan located in Tehran, Iran, Turkey and Iran with 8 Transport and Urban Development Minister Mohammad Islamic. Participated in the Meeting of the Joint Commission on Transport.

Minister Turhan, here in his speech, Iran and Turkey, 560 kilometers with a common border, stating that the two countries have deep historical and cultural ties, the relations between Tehran and Ankara, founded voiced bilateral and regional mechanisms within the framework of every day more evolved .

two public dialogue and multifaceted cooperation between cultures Turhan noted that serve the interests of, in their talks with the collective will of the Islamic towards the development of cooperation, 4 months ago Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's President Recep and held in Ankara on Spiritual presidency Iranian President Hasan Turkey-Iran High 5 of the Multilateral Cooperation Council. Within the framework of the meeting, he emphasized once again.

The presidents of the two countries in the meeting in question to the relevant ministers to develop cooperation in all areas reminded Turhan, task areas in Tehran to take the necessary steps in relation to the issues stated that they are.

Transportation is the most comprehensive platform to discuss the transport relations between Turkey and Iran that it has become a tradition of the Joint Commission Meeting and Turhan pointed out that they perform today xnumx'inci, voiced provide a significant contribution to the transport relations between the countries of these meetings.

Turhan emphasized that important decisions have been taken in the interests of the countries through the negotiations of the Highway, Combined Transport, Railway Transport, Sea Transportation and Civil Aviation Working Groups and said:

Dı In the Road and Combined Transport working group, it was agreed that further development of road transport would be achieved in accordance with the commercial objectives between the two countries. The problems were discussed in detail and solutions were presented. Bun

Turhan, the next meeting of the Joint Committee on Road Transport decided to perform in Turkey and said he believed many important issues will be resolved with this meeting.

"Turkey is the gateway to Europe for Iran"

New transport corridors for the transport of both developed countries and Turhan highlighted that important in terms of trade, "Turkey is the gateway to Europe for Iran; Iran is also the gateway to Asia, especially Central Asia to Turkey. For this purpose, our Delegations decided to negotiate new transport routes and sign a Combined Transport Agreement. This decision is very important. In addition, political developments in our region directly affect transportation. Ayrıca

Turhan said that the working group set up for the railway transportation has made important decisions and added:

Ve Sustainability in railway freight and passenger traffic between our countries is very important. Trustees Our order the removal of rail freight between the two countries annually one million tons of extraction and obstacles in the rail transport sector and the problems in Turkey in 1 months transport organizer and scheduled a meeting with the participation of cargo owner companies have agreed to. "

Ya Tehran-Ankara ”and-Tehran-Tabriz-Van” train services will restart

Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, between Kazakhstan and Turkey Railway Administrations, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) relating to the movement of the carriage the borders of Turkey, prepared by Iran Railways Six Sided Memorandum of Understanding also sharing information come together in 2 months for finalization of the draft Turhan Stated that they agreed to restart Tehran-Ankara and Teheran-Tebriz-Van train services in the context of the completion of the construction activities on the Tatvan-Ankara railway line.

Turhan, 14-15 May 2019 in Tehran said they would hold a preliminary meeting on the restart of these trains.

Bölge The cooperation efforts we will carry out in the maritime sector will also serve our region “

In the working group set up for sea transport in voicing signature on important decisions thrown Turhan, Turkey-Iran 4. He said that they agreed on the Maritime Joint Committee Meeting to be held in the second half of this year.

Turhan reminded that the two friendly countries have not only local but also regional and global ports. Han The cooperation efforts we will carry out in the maritime sector will serve not only our mutual interests but also our region. Iran operates as a Search and Rescue Contact Point (SPOC) affiliated with the Turkish Task Control Center (TRMCC) under the COSPAS-SARSAT system, the International Satellite Assistance Search and Rescue System. It was decided to start negotiations for the signing of this agreement. Bun

Mr. Turhan stated that they attach great importance to civil aviation relations between the two countries. I am sure that both Turkish and Iranian authorities will make the necessary efforts to meet the mutual demands. In this process, the current political and economic conjuncture will also be taken into consideration. Siyasi

Turhan pointed out that a difficult period in the world and the region was passed, said:

"Turkey and Iran will take place between troops of every business, every step taken in our prosperity and tranquility I believe will provide a significant contribution. This and similar meetings are of great importance in terms of preparing the ground for the cooperation environment that I have underlined. I hope that such meetings will continue to take common steps, and consequently, important decisions will be taken, taking into account the common interests of the parties. Increasing rail freight and passenger volume on a solid legal basis will undoubtedly contribute greatly to sustainable, cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly transport among our countries. Sağ

Turhan, in the flood disaster in Iran, the mercy of those who lost their lives and the wounded people to complete the words of the urgency.


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