TCDD 356 Personnel Recruitment Results Announced

tcdd staff recruitment results
tcdd staff recruitment results

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) indefinite duration in the workplace (permanent) workplace to be taken into 169 to be run by the employment contract; 86 Trainers, 42 Rail Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Machine Operator, 188 Railway Line Maintenance Repairer, 40 Port Crane Operator (RTG and SSG). It has been announced between the dates.

When the final lists are submitted to the labor demand and examined by Ostim Service Center, it is determined that there is no application for 6 workplace, there is no need to determine the original and reserve candidates to be taken for oral exam by the drawer before 90 workplace. It was.

In order to determine the principal and substitute candidates for the oral examination for the 73 workplace, lots of lots have been drawn in the presence of a notary public on the date of 25.04.2019 in accordance with the “Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be Taken against Public Institutions and Organizations Us. To participate in oral exam with draw TABLE 1 556 principal and 487 substitute candidates in

TABLE 1 In order to be able to participate in the oral examination of the main applicants, they will be checked whether they meet the conditions stated in the declaration of İŞKUR.

The applicants who do not meet the requirements of the list sent by İŞKUR will not be accepted and will not be accepted for oral exam. The minutes will be drafted and notified to ISKUR.
Therefore, TABLE 1 In the dates and times stated in the face of the names of the main candidates, the following documents are requested: TCDD General Directorate of Human Resources Department Anafartalar Mah. Hipodrom Cad. No: 3 Altındağ / ANKARA. The candidates who do not submit the required documents within the required period or who do not fulfill the conditions stated in the announcement shall be called for the submission of the documents according to their reserve order.
1- A copy of the Vocational High School Diploma, (also the associate's degree and bachelor's degree candidates will bring a copy of the associate degree and undergraduate diploma.)

2-TC ID number found on Criminal Records Recording (Public Prosecutor's Office or with e-government password. Be obtained from the address, criminal records, which will bring the court's decision regarding each registration.)

3 - The document that states the status of those in the current educational status,

4 - Copy of identity card,

5- military status certificate (Military Branch or with e-government password. You will be taken from. Demobilized in the document to be imported, deferral, price or be stated to be exempt. Non-military age will be reported to petition their status.)

6- Priority Certificate (Leaving as a permanent employee in the public sector, receiving superior achievement certificate at military service etc.)

7- Business Demand Information Form (Published on TCDD website.

8- Security Investigation Archive Research Form (Published on TCDD's website. 1 pieces will be filled in computerized and complete.)

As a Railway Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Machine Operator;
- 2 workers who will be taken to Alsancak Road Mechanical Workshop Manager,
- 4 worker to be taken to Malatya Road Mechanics Workshop Directorate,
- 1 worker in Afyonkarahisar Yol Mechanical Workshop Directorate,
The G class, (M and G class for those who renew the G class license), the driver's license and the Ministry of National Education certified Excavator Operator certificate are required. Applicants will photocopy these documents.
- ISKUR 4900864, 4901040 and 4901155 is declared by the request number, Izmir Port Operation Directorate Port Crane Operator (RTG and SSG) (Mechanical Vehicle Operator) as a candidate must have one of the following documents.

a) ve D için Class (Tow Truck) for those with an old driver's license “CE için Class (truck and tractor) for those with a new driving license

b) ın Forklift ı or “Crane gesi construction equipment operated on the Old Driving License (Work Machine) certificate of the“ G “Class.

c) New Driver License ün G inin Class and the back side of the driver's license 12. one of the code numbers listed below.
1) 105.06 Forklift,
2) 105.08 Mobile Dock Crane,
3) 105.10 Crane (Rubber wheeled),
4) 105.17 Terminal Tractor,
5) 105.19 Container Field Bridge Crane,
6) 105.20 Container Dock Bridge Crane,
7) 105.22 Filled Container Machine,
7) 105.22 Filled Container Machine,
8) 105.23 Empty Container Machine,
9) 105.31 Mobile Vessels,
d) If those who have MYK Certificate
1) 17UY0268-3 Port RTG Operator Certificate,
2) 17UY0269-3 Port SSG Operator Certificate,
3) 12UY0061-3 Mobile Crane Operator (MHC, Coast and Ship Crane) Certificate,
at least one of the documents. Applicants will photocopy these documents.

The candidates for the oral examination of the Train Organization shall be nominated by the members of the exam board; professional knowledge and skills related issues will be evaluated. On the 50 score in the skill area, each question about the school department they graduate will be evaluated on the 10 score. The 1 score in the professional field will be assessed over the total 2 score, including the 2 question of the professional term 50 question, 100 questions and technical issues. Success score of the candidate is the score of the oral exam. Starting from the highest score, the number of workers and the number of workers will be determined.

In the oral exam to be held for the other arts branches, the candidates are selected by the exam board members; 10 points, 10 points of written communications, 10 points of written communication, 20 points in observation-stress-problem solving skills. The 50 score in the professional field will be assessed over the total 10 score, including the 1 question of the professional term 2 question, 2 questions and technical issues. Success score of the candidate is the score of the oral exam. Starting from the highest score, the number of workers and the number of workers will be determined.

To be successful in the result of the oral exam to be made, will start the work,
-A full-fledged state hospital or official university hospital will be asked to perform a screening test. (The screening test is a test to determine alcohol or drug addiction).
-The statement of health board which will be received from full-fledged state hospitals or official university hospitals shall be stated as kurulu It works in less dangerous, dangerous and very dangerous works -T. In addition, Vision Degrees (right-left eye specified separately), Color Examination (ishihara test done), Hearing Examination (XYUMX, 500, 1000 frequencies of 2000, pure 0-40 dB should be specified) will be specified and visual / hearing evaluation The results will be attached to the health board report.

  • In the Health Board Report, one of the original winners of the oral exam will be stated as tehlikeli Less hazardous, dangerous and very dangerous works Söz.

- The results of the evaluation will be added to the Health Board Reports about the visual / hearing examinations.
According to the TCDD Health and Psychotechnical Directive, group identification and psychotechnical evaluation will be carried out in the train construction work, railway road construction, maintenance and repair machine operator and port crane operator (RTG and SSG) (mechanical vehicle operator) in the arms of art workers, they have taken the Health Board Report will be evaluated by group determinants. The appropriate group will be sent to the psychotechnical evaluation. The Group will terminate the commencement process of the non-compliant and will be called a reserve. As a result of the psychotechnical evaluation, the appointment of those who are considered sufficient will be made. Those who are considered inadequate will be sent to the psychotechnical evaluation for a second time within a month. For the second time, those who are deemed inadequate will be terminated and the reserve will be called.

The employment contracts of those who are determined to be pre-graduate or bachelor's degree as of the deadline for application of the work force declared at İŞKUR within the scope of the declared labor demand in the secondary education level and the work force demand announced at İŞKUR as of the application deadline, will be terminated.
The provisions of the asında Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be Applied for the Procurement of Workers in Public Institutions and Organizations Kuruluş by 16. is notified in accordance with the article.

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