Sümela Ropeway Project On The Agenda Of President Zorluoğlu

has a project of sumela ropeway in the gundem
has a project of sumela ropeway in the gundem

Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, Murat Zorluoğlu, has begun to work on his projects while improving the process of congratulations, changes in management and briefings. In the short, medium and long term, Mayor Zorluoğlu plans projects that will be put into action in the short term. In this sense, a consultation meeting with the staff of the municipality, tourism and landscaping issues addressing the Zorluoğlu, women market in the city center, Meydan 3. The project will be enriched with the street rehabilitation works in the vicinity of the Stage Project and the Square Park, and the processes related to the Sumela Teleferic Project and the Çal Cave were discussed and the road map was determined.

Metropolitan, the time effectively using the field will be put to work as soon as possible to express the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, bir In the current month, the investment season has started. Thankfully we left behind the election process with the result we wanted, we started our mission. We will complete our greeting visits in a short time and hopefully we will start to work on our projects by going down to the field. At this stage, we are advancing the process at the desk with the evening / night shifts. We consult with our staff to add value to our Trabzon calendar, we are projecting our road map. By Allah's leave, we will make this city more livable with the projects that we will implement. Allah

has a project of sumela ropeway in the gundem
has a project of sumela ropeway in the gundem

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