Social Cooperatives Training and Publicity Train in Adana

social cooperatives education and training train at adana
social cooperatives education and training train at adana

The Social Cooperatives Training and Publicity Train arrived in Adana as part of the project developed for the promotion, development and dissemination of social co-operative model by the General Directorate of Tradesmen, Craftsmen and Cooperatives of the Ministry of Trade. On April Friday, Adana Governor Mahmut DEMİRTAŞ, the Ministry of Commerce, Tradesmen, Craftsmen and Co-operative Deputy General Manager Ekrem Alper BOZKURT and Adana Commercial Provincial Director Adnan EKİZ, made a welcoming ceremony at the Adana Train Station.

Lütfi ALTINSU, General Secretary of Çukurova Development Agency and Ekrem Alper BOZKURT, General Manager of Merchants, Craftsmen and Cooperatives were the opening speeches of the informative meeting attended by relevant non-governmental organizations and cooperatives. In the meeting, valuable information was shared with the trade expert Gökçen Mert KORKMAZ on the social cooperative presentation and continued with the presentation of the co-operative of Hakkı ÇETİN, Deputy General Manager of TARİŞ Olive and Olive Oil Union. The meeting ended with the citizens visiting the cooperative stands.

At the University of Cukurova, a seminar was held with the students on social cooperatives. In the interview, the presentations of the need map representative Yağmur TAŞDEMİR, Trade Expert Gökçen Mert KORKMAZ were held and then the interview ended with the question and answer section.


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