Minister Turhan Bolu on the South Ring Road Site

Turhan Bolu examines the way to the center of Guney Cevir
Turhan Bolu examines the way to the center of Guney Cevir

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan came to Bolu to make various visits and investigations. South Ring Road Project Turhan observations in the site, Bolu Turkey's tourism, pointing out that one of the industrial and agricultural centers, "Bolu, forests, with springs and tourist attractions, but also have a famous province for its historical value where the religious tourism. In addition, due to its geographical location, it is a city where transportation routes on the east-west transportation axis of our country and Europe, Central Asia and Middle East transportation routes pass through. Important transportation networks of our country, east-west, north-south direction Bolu is passing through our city, Ül he said.

Pointing out that Bolu has a mountainous structure, Turhan noted that they have realized a significant part of the transportation related activities in the region. Minister Turhan, Bolu's tourism potential is high due to the opening of an airfield in Eşref Bitlis Barracks to civilian flights, the civil aviation and technical staff of the State Airports Authority said that the work. He emphasized that they planned to open civilian flights after the completion of necessary administrative and technical studies by doing some improvement studies.

Preparing roads for summer

Turhan explained that the works continued on the roads connecting Bolu provincial and district centers and announced that the improvement works on the road to Gerede-Ankara were continuing. Underlining that they have been carrying out studies to make maintenance works on highways and ready for increasing traffic especially in summer months, Turhan said, m Our road construction works are continuing between Bolu and Mudurnu. Bolu-Seben, Bolu-Cyprus continue our work on the road. In addition, Ankara-Nallıhan, Mudurnu-Akyazı road which carries an important transportation role on the east-west axis is continuing its improvement works. Again, the connection of the road Göynük-Nallıhan-Mudurnu, Göynük ring road continues to work on, n he said.

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