Trials on Gaziray Banliyo Line Begins

trial surge starts in Gaziray suburban line
trial surge starts in Gaziray suburban line

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, Turkey's most prestigious projects, has managed to implement.

Gaziray Suburban Line Project, which will be realized within the scope of the protocol made by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, TCDD, will connect the city center and 6 organized industrial zone (OIZ) and small industrial zones. The project will renew the 25-kilometer suburban line and create 16 stations.

Launched on 13 February 2017, the project will relax the city's traffic. Stations were provided to access the suburban and high-speed train vehicles, as well as the overpass for the continuity of pedestrian circulation.

The old railroad line passing through the city will be renewed and the Culture Congress Center-Zeytinli District, Mujahideen Budak District, Hospitals-Hotels Zone will make pedestrian and vehicle transportation safe. In order to eliminate the barrier effect, approximately 4 of the said 5 parallel line will be opened and closed. In this way, approximately 200 thousand square meters area will be added to the city. After the 1 from the Lumberjack Station, the last stop will be the Gaziray Maintenance and Depot Site with an area of ​​approximately 93 thousand square meters at the Border of Taşlıca Area. A total of 1,5 passengers will be transported in the 1 set of vehicles planned to be used in the Gaziray project with a production cost of approximately 1000 billion TL. 8 of the project was completed. This area will be the transfer center considering the suitability of the different types of transportation in terms of location. A minimum of 80 thousand 2030 passengers are expected to be transported in the 877 of the Main Transfer Center of the Garage. Trial trials will begin in the coming days.

The construction of Gaziantep North Antep Road Viaduct, which will connect the city center and the Northern City, was initiated. 600 mistress viaduct, 10 km long, 50 meter wide viaduct construction works will be completed as soon as possible. Preliminary beam beam system will be used in the construction of the viaduct, the 28 foundation will be excavated. The 33 meter-wide viaduct will change between 12 meters and 41 meters. 605 meters were left-handed and 520 units were placed in 28 meters long double-lane viaduct. On the other hand, 60 meters wide, 11 has opened a new road in kilometers length. On the one hand, the road will connect XanumX's second Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) to the North Antep and North Antep to Aktoprak.

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