TCDD 16 Workers Procurement Oral Exam

tcdd 16 recruitment scholarly vowels
tcdd 16 recruitment scholarly vowels

8 people in the staff of TCDD, 3 in the staff of the 'Train Operator', '5' in the staff of the 'Rail Systems Signalization Maintenance and Repair', and the winners of the oral exam which was performed as XNUMX person in the 'Mechanical Equipment Installation Device and Crane Operator' staff were announced.

It will be employed in establishments of the Republic of Turkey State Railways mechanical means plant equipment and crane operators, railway teşkilişçi and rail systems as the main candidates to win the oral exam conducted for signaling maintenance and repair; For the start-up procedures, the documents mentioned below must be submitted to the Regional Directorates, which are mentioned against their names until the date of 21.01.2019, personally.

1. 2 Copy of identity card (Notarized or authenticated and approved by TCDD representative.)

  1. 2 Quantity Diploma copy (approved or notarized by Notary Public and approved by TCDD representative)
  2. 2 Piece Military status document (demobilization, deferment or exemption)
  3. 2 Quantity criminal record (is with the state prosecutor's office, or e-password. You will be taken from. Court decision from the criminal record will be requested.)
  4. 6 Pieces Photo

  5. The service schedule for any social security institution subject to the implementation of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law, if any

  6. A screening test conducted in a full-fledged state hospital or any of the official university hospitals. (Test to determine alcohol or drug addiction)

  7. A screening test is to be carried out from a full-fledged state hospital or an official university hospital. (Screening test is a test to determine alcohol or drug addiction) .- Vision Levels (right-left eye specified separately), Color Inspection (ishihara test), Hearing Examination (Audiometric examination of 500, 1000, 2000 frequency of pure sound average 0-40 dB should be.) Will be specified and visual / hearing evaluation results will be added to the health board report.

Oral Exam for the List of Main Winners click here


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