World's First Train Robot in Australia

dunyanin first train robot in australia
dunyanin first train robot in australia

In Australia, an iron mining company, Rio Tinto, launched the fully automated rail network with the world's largest train robot.

The railway network in Pilbara, Western Australia, has a length of about 800 kilometers. Trains run an hour-long journey, including loading and unloading of cargo. The company spokesman said that this system is a first in the world.

This road, the world's first self-sustaining heavy-duty heavy-duty rail network, is at the very top of the reach of a million-dollar project. Trains equipped with fully self-controlling software are used to transport inter-port cargoes.

Self-driving technology will be seen in many areas in the future. Self-driving cars are currently one of the most well-known technologies. With the further development of this technology, various vehicles such as driverless boats and driverless aircraft can be seen.


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