80 New Bus from Denizli Metropolitan Airport to Fleet

80 new bus from sea to city
80 new bus from sea to city

With the inauguration of the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bus Operations Facilities, the new award-winning 80, which was added to the transportation fleet, was put into service with a ceremony. President Erdoğan, Everything will be domestic and national, Osman Zolan, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality reminded us, ü We have made our preference for being domestic and national. Our buses have won awards from domestic and national but Europe, and it is very clear what we can achieve. Otobüs

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which was completed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bus Terminal Facilities, has opened a new bus to the transportation fleet. Denizli Governor Hasan Karahan, AK Party Group Vice President Cahit Özkan, Denizli Deputy Şahin Tin and Nilgün Ök, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, BMC Chairman Ethem Sancak, BMC Board Member Yasin Öztürk, invited guests and many citizens. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said in his opening speech that 80 is an exemplary city in every aspect of Denizli, which gained Metropolitan status years ago. Mayor Osman Zolan said, olduğ As in all metropolitan cities, there were also transportation needs in the sea. In the last 5 year, we transferred nearly 10 percent of our budget to transportation. Because of the surveys you have done, there were difficulties in transportation in the studies. It was our duty to solve this. As metropolitan, we made many bridges and accelerated the flow of transportation. We went to a great deal of congestion. Sık

“We're more comfortable in traffic today“

2004 in 134 is the 404 thousand vehicles, President Osman Zolan, emphasizing that the number reached to the 3 bin vehicle today, said: ın The number of vehicles increased by 150 floor but the streets are the same as the streets. We had efforts to minimize the problems of traffic in the traffic management system with interchanges, bridge junctions, domestic and national project. We're more comfortable today. New boulevards, opening new freeways to relieve the transportation of our sea continues our efforts. So far we have served with our 80 bus. Citizens demanded to increase the number of buses on the new line or line. We could not tolerate this demand and today our XNUMX tool here Biz.

Domestic and national

President Osman Recep Tayyip Erdogan, burada Everything will be domestic and national ün reminding President Osman Zolan, yerli I would like to thank Ethem Sancak Bey here. We have made our choice in this way in terms of being domestic and national. Our buses have won national awards from Europe, but it clearly shows what we can achieve. Otobüs Mayor Zolan noted that the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bus Operation Facility was in Zahire Bazaar before, but did not meet the needs. Lam We renewed this area completely and built this facility in the point of maintenance, repair and service of our buses. We are also taking a service that can serve as an example here. Our vehicles are new, our facility is new, Araç he said. Mayor Osman Zolan, who wants citizens to prefer public transportation, said, an There is intelligent traffic in Denizli. 'Where is my bus?' When you ask, you can see where our bus is. Stop at the station. We serve the day and night of the sea with the trust of our President. Our new buses and facilities Let us be auspicious. Imiz

“Best bus in the world“

Zam In fact, I am from Siirt, but I have been in Denizli for a long time, zam said Ethem Sancak, the chairman of the UNC. Service for Denizli did not start today. In my youth, I would go to a lot of income. Gençlik In the town of Acıpayam Atasancak Acıpayam Agricultural Enterprise to make the world brand describing the Sancak, ak Denizli thus gained another brand in agriculture. It was one of the world's best quality 3 farms Dün. Stating that he is very happy to be in Denizli, Sancak said, eden BMC buses are our pride and face current. 100, the world's largest bus exhibition in Brussels last year, was the work of our Turkish engineers, and this bus won the world title. The best bus in the world, Dün he said. Milli We should have a national and national defense industry, bir he said. I told Mr. President that we are going to turn this place into a defense industry company. This company is producing 70 products in the defense industry today. The products of the army's pupil. The hedgehog has become a world brand. We are trying to meet the needs of the army, next to it 13 exports to the country, ihtiyaç he said. Sancak continued his speech as follows: mas A world brand in Denizli. Fortunately, Denizli is also leading the city. Mr. President told me. Smart city concept started in Denizli. Our buses are equipped with very suitable technologies for smart city management. We, as BMC, will be in the service of Denizli and the Aegean people. We will be in the service of the nation Millet.

"Turkey is a shining star in the world"

AK Party group vice president, while Denizli Deputy Cahit Ozkan, said that Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan met under the leadership of many new innovations. Ozkan, "It was like the world has become a shining star in Turkey. Here kalkınırk that Turkey always flourished, Denizlimiz from this development also received its share of the development and prosperity continues to receive. Nihat Zeybekci Under the leadership of our Minister under the very difficult conditions of the sea to meet with the water service Denizlimiz, in time with today's president Osman Zolan came to the golden age of municipality in municipality. How proud we are, the praise, Ne he said. Denizli Governor Hasan Karahan In his speech, said that Denizli is one of the most livable cities in Europe and Turkey. Governor Karahan, da the most important problem in metropolitan transportation, the transportation is the public transportation. Denizli also found the most practical solution. He made a big breakthrough with this facility and new buses. Hem After the speeches, with the opening of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bus Operations Facilities, 80 joined the transportation fleet and the new bus was put into service with prayers. President Osman Zolan and his entourage then examined the buses.

BMC Neocity

BMC Neocity, which is the work of one hundred percent Turkish engineers, has 8,5 meters and 70 people. The hourly 5.600 buses were designed for disabled people with the highest passenger capacity. Euro 6 engine 210 hb high performance and environmentally friendly emission standard diesel BMC Neocity has the best design award in Europe. There is an automatic fire extinguishing system on the buses with advanced camera and recording system to ensure passenger safety. Buses with an automatic transmission that improves in-city driving quality include high-performance air conditioning.


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