Stunning Explanations About Samsun Logistic Village 'Betraying Samsun' Editor-in-Chief and Samsun Journalists Association President Mehmet Yazıcı's katıl Mehmet Yazıcı and Uyan Samsun “program, Social Media Specialist and Analyst Huseyin Kurt, made a remarkable statement about Samsun Logistics Village

The discussion started after the International Intermodal Logistics Summit held in Samsun Logistics Center recently. Although hundreds of companies were invited, the katıl Summit iy, which was attended by only a few companies, resulted in a fiasco.

LOGISTICS VILLAGE SABOTED Editor-in-Chief and Samsun Journalists Society President Mehmet Yazici'nin Uyan Samsun program was the guest of the Social Media Expert and Analyst Huseyin Kurt'tu. Kurt made interesting claims about the Logistic Village and Samsun Port on the question raised to him during the program. Supported by the European Union believes that the project wants to be sabotaged by some forces in Samsun, Kurt claimed that someone betrayed Samsun.

According to the report prepared by the Middle Black Sea Development Agency, the professor stated that the port should be moved from where it is located and said Kurt, son Samsun port is illegal. All investments made are illegal. All projects done here are removed by METU. The area at the back of the AKSA business, which could not be opened for many years, was something and was not provided for the logistical zone. This area could join logistics. Tekkeköy plain is not an efficient plain. There is no problem in the floor. Yer

I know the story of the logistics village. Many institutions have labor. European Union's 45 million euro investment was made. Metropolitan Municipality, Tekkeköy Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Stock Exchange and Organized Industrial Zone and Samsun Special Provincial Administration, which was closed in addition, had shares. The institution was opened by the Governor of Samsun, Osman Kaymak.

Lar Friends say we write them on some issues. Logistic work has been worked on before. The European Union believes this. This project was created by the Provincial Special Administration R & D Department, which was created during the previous governors' period. The justifications were submitted to the European Union after it was established. The European Union's largest conducted in Turkey 'major' This is the project. It is also one of the few projects in the European Union. This project cannot easily convince the European Union, but someone has convinced it.

Samsun harbor is illegal, the investments in the leak is not that I say METU professors. Much work has been done on the choice of place of logistics. At the back of the AKSA plant, an area of ​​1,000 acres was requested near the current shipyard area. Something happened later, and AKSA stopped giving it. If this area were taken, perhaps the allocation of the shipyard area could be altered and incorporated into logistics. Bu

Lah The pasture area could not be rehabilitated. During the period when Sadullah Kirenci worked during a term, I personally visited the area. When we toured there was a field with grassland and breeding was not possible. In the classical pasture areas in the world, as bits ends in Turkey. This area was considered suitable and this area was a suitable area. The project was awarded by the European Union for the grant of 45 million Euros. Avrupa

Dı After this project was done here, someone went to the location on the Ankara Highway. Ali Avci said this project on Ankara Road, let's do. Why did he say that? Because it was the closest place to her. You are a private company, you have taken a illegal port from the state and you say mış This project is close to me Özel. In the end, they could not be an obstacle. Nih

Dolgu The best job in this city is the work of excavation. You'll write a thousand trucks 5 take a thousand trucks. Do not know the European Union what the friends who criticized the project say? This is the state's investment, it has partners. A maximum of one thousand 5 people can work here where 500 is requested to receive one thousand people. There are other places for those who want to rent a place in this area. Ceynak is moving his client here. You are renting their own warehouses that are sunk here is one of those companies you're starting to shout at the confrontation with sales teams. There is a big problem in logistics. Lojistik

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