Transition from Dollars to TL in Eurasia Tunnel with YSS and Osmangazi Bridges

The private sector is using loans from banks to finance Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi bridges, the Eurasia Tunnel and the Istanbul-Izmir highway, and it was not possible to switch to TL due to financial liabilities.

with Turkey in the wake of the foreign exchange rate between the US Brunson crisis peaked on the summit. After the dollar / TL exchange rate saw the 7.23, MHP Chairman Bahçeli suggested that the highway and bridge fees in foreign currency should be converted to TL.

However, according to the news of Olcay Aydilek from Haberturk, Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi bridges, Eurasia Tunnel and Istanbul-Izmir motorway pointed out by Bahceli, were built by the private sector with a build-operate-transfer model. In these projects, tolls were determined as foreign exchange. The state guaranteed a certain number of vehicles to these projects. If the transitions are below the guarantee limit, the government pays the difference. In April, these projects were paid 2017 billion TL due to the fact that the passages were below the limit in 3.6.

Those who spoke to Aydilek and whose name is not announced, emphasized that the private sector used billions of dollars in loans from domestic and foreign banks to finance these projects, and that transition to TL was not possible due to financial liabilities. Sources said it is difficult for banks to take such a change even on their agenda.

Another important issue is the amount that the state will pay for 2018 ilk The month of the first 8 of the year is almost over. For 2018 year, these projects can be guaranteed a guarantee of TL 3 billion. 2 January 2018 dollar rate to be considered when the calculation is done. This will be multiplied by vehicles below the warranty limit. The payment will be held in April in 2019.

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