Very Easy to Access Istanbul Rail System Map

You can easily access the Rail Systems Network Map, which is one of the most important works of Metro Istanbul in order to increase the service quality of focused business and public transportation, from all stations, vehicles and the website of Metro Istanbul.

Since the 2006 Rail Systems Network Map, which has been started to be distributed in our rail system lines, you can see the rail systems, metrobus and railway stations and integration points that are in operation in Istanbul and you can construct the most suitable transfer facilities according to your journey plan. Since the first day of its use, we have developed digital maps based on Istanbul's vision of the future in rail systems, and developed accessibility options for stations, built-in lines, vision maps, and contrast map designs for partial visually impaired people.

Network maps can be obtained from the security staff in all stations in the stations, the metro lines in the turnstile and platform zones, fixed and digital info panels can be examined. In addition, there are at least 1 network maps in the door areas of all subway and tram vehicles so that you can take advantage of it during your journey.


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