15 Free Public Transport in Istanbul on July

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which will remember the treacherous coup attempt 15 July Democracy and National Unity Day, commemoration activities for citizens to participate easily decided to provide free public transport until the morning.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, the second meeting of the July meeting of the AK Party and the CHP group of the joint proposal of the proposal as the proposal was met. 2 of treacherous coup attempt. Anniversary of the 15 July Democracy and National Unity Day public transportation vehicles until the morning to provide free service, the proposal was unanimously approved by members of parliament.

Decision; Citizens 15 2016 15 night against the treacherous FETÖ coup attempt, stating that the square, "Our people, the streets of XNUMX July night, descending to the square; he fought against the airplanes, tanks, helicopters and planes for power and bare hands. The undertakings of the members of the gangs who have submitted their will to FETO have failed in the face of the will of the nation, the common struggle and the determination of the state with all its institutions. İr

It was stated that the decision was taken in order to enable citizens to participate in the commemoration and activities organized on the Day of Democracy and National Unity with the feeling of common destiny and future.

In line with the decision, 15 July 2018 will be open on Sunday from 06.00 to 16. The application will be valid for IETT, Private Public Buses, Bus Co, Metrobus, City Lines Ferry, Metro, Light Metro, Tram, Funicular, Cable Car, Nostalgic Tram, Tunel, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbulkart wage integration.


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