Chinese Company Liyuan Steams Signs a Joint Agreement with Tüvasaş

TÜVASAŞ carries out the National Electric Train Set project initiated under the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. The vehicle bodies to be produced within the scope of this project consist of large-size extrusion aluminum profiles. These extrusion profiles are then transformed into the body of the body with welded manufacturing and machining methods in the body production facilities with fully automation system. For this purpose; Turkey fully in cooperation with local firms, for the first time Aluminum Vehicle Body Manufacturing Plant will be commissioned this year by TÜVASAŞ and the National Electric Train Set series production car bodies will be produced at this TÜVASAŞ plant in Turkey.

Turkey has not yet production can not be in the vehicle body supply of aluminum extrusion profiles to be used in the production of the first prototypes of vehicles bodies, by the firm in question, along with the training of TÜVASAŞ staff to be produced under a technology transfer SHENYANG LIYUAN RAILWAY VEHICLE EQUIPMENT CO. LTD. / An agreement was signed with the Chinese company.

Chinese Company Liyuan Steams has been exchanged in the frame of good faith regarding the sale of the aluminum body rail vehicles in Tüvasaş, which is being established in the body of the car body in the world market, in case the aluminum extrusion profiles are provided by themselves in other possible projects.


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