Signed for Taxi Service at 3.Airport

IGA undertook the construction of the Istanbul New Airport and the 25 annually, and signed an agreement with the 34 Co-operative Cooperative for the taxi service to be offered upon the operation of the airport. According to the contract with high service standards, Istanbul New Airport will provide 660 taxi service at the first stage.

İGA and Istanbul 34 Cooperative, which provides information about the agreement signed between the IGA Airport Operator CEO and General Manager H. Kadri Samsunlu, Istanbul New Airport is a technology-oriented airport by drawing attention to the constant work to increase passenger comfort, he said. He said:

In In the first place, the number of taxi with 660 will increase as the capacity of the airport develops. The standards we set will always be open to improvement. I think that the taxi service will be developed in Istanbul after the taxis that will be used at the airport will be used. We see the experience of each passenger as he arrives at the airport or leaves the airport as an important part of his journey. For this, we are going to organize a transportation service that suits the New Airport. Bun

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