Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project Will Hit Dagger in Gursu Plain

The fact that the tender for YHT will be held in 15 on March, while in Bursa, whether it will be slow, slow or future, will be approached.

Gursu farmer, YHT to attack the line because they think they will slaughter, while politicians of the orchards will not be able to compensate the loss of damage, specifying the first bidding process to be returned.

Farmers civarında During the harvest period, we employ 3 thousand workers. Greenhouse activities in the district also contributed to the annual contribution to Gürsu 6 million pounds. In Ankara and Gürsu, a lobby warms up the high-speed train project and plays with the work of our people by heating and serving them. We are not against the high-speed train. We are against daggers stabbing into the heart of our region, one of the most beautiful plains in the world. In the year with fruit growing, we are earning 350 million for Bursa economy. 3 of the high-speed train line in the Gürsu plain 1 thousand decare. The class will destroy the agricultural land, only the greenhouses in this land 150. The annual financial loss to the plain will be 12 million TL. Besides, the construction around the station will damage the plain. Bun


The rebellion of the farmers, who himself with agriculture provided the support of the CHP District President Cavit Kaya.

Kaya. We are against the Fast Train, we can perceive from the eyes of our friends from Bursa. But we are not against YHT. We are the most efficient Gursu Plain of Turkey, like the Berlin Wall or the Great Wall of China, will cut the passage of a north-south direction even after the conversion and development of environmental opposed by some rantç cuts. When YHT was first planned, it would be transported to Bursa from the north of the ring road through the tunnel that would be opened into Katırlı Mountain. The budget of that day would cost 120-125 million pounds. The cost of passing through the plain 76 million pounds. But there is also the price of an expropriation that is also the 85 million pounds 161 million pounds total cost! A station is planned around the piles. Together with the station, the highway will be opened. Surroundings are also zoning. Only in this region 2 thousand acre agricultural land will shrink. With the train, the 12 million losses per year will be loaded by the thugs. Turning to the first tender, the station will be around Seymen. Don't return to Gürsu by state-owned agriculture ”he said.

Source : I www.bursadabugun.co

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