Published in the Official Gazette! It will be carried by train

In the current issue of the Official Gazette, TCDD will be given priority in the transportation of coal to be delivered to the delivery points in the decision on the charity of coal for the purpose of heating.

The Council of Ministers' Resolution on Coal Assistance to Warm Families in Needy Families was published in the Official Gazette today.

According to the decision, the coal to be sent by the TKİ and the TCC until the delivery points reported by the foundations will be communicated under the responsibility of these institutions with the means of transport to be determined by the location of these points. will be able to procure the said coal from the sites belonging to its subsidiaries or affiliates and ensure that it is delivered to the governorships on its own responsibility.

Priority will be given to TCDD Transportation Inc., a subsidiary of TCDD, for the transportation of the coal to be delivered to the delivery points. TKI and TTK with TCDD Transportation Inc. protocol between priority and transport.

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